How to explain nutrition to a child

How to explain nutrition to a child

It’s never too early to teach your child about health and nutrition. In fact, you can even start out by giving them a healthy start by eating healthy while they are in-utero.

From the time the baby is out of (or even still in) the womb, you make a choice about their health every few hours when you decide what to feed your baby. The more you know about health and nutrition, especially for children, the better off your child will be. The more you learn about children’s health and nutrition, the easier it will be for you to then teach your child about these things as well.

Arm yourself with many books and maybe even speak to a nutritionist or registered dietician to learn as much as you can about keeping your child as healthy as possible. Make sure that you learn as much as you can about keeping different diseases at bay with certain types of foods, and learn what the different vitamins and minerals do. For example, you might not know that a lack of Vitamin D causes rickets, but if you do know this and educate yourself, you will make yourself more likely to feed your child food containing this vital vitamin.

In addition, once you have armed yourself with all of this useful information, you will be able to teach your child better. Once you know why your child should eat certain foods, you can explain to your child why certain foods are not good for him, and why other foods are.

Reading books about nutrition with your child is a good way to teach something important while doing something fun (reading a book). There are many good children’s books that focus on the aspect of nutrition. In addition, there are also some children’s games out that also concentrate on this important subject. Having your child learn about nutrition in a fun way will make it easier for you to persuade them to want to eat healthier.

Learning the food pyramid with your child either through art, reading, or some other educational, but fun way is another good way to teach your child about healthy diet and nutrition.

Most children go through the phase of asking WHY about everything. Use this to your advantage. If your child wants to know why eating broccoli is good for him but eating cupcakes is not, be sure that you know the answer and let him know also know the reasoning. Don’t just say Because I said so.That is not a valid reason for children, and they will usually listen much better when they know that the adult knows the reason behind why they should or should not do something.

Giving your child tasty samples of different vegetables or fruits is also a fun way of making them learn about health and nutrition. Try bringing them strawberry picking, apple picking, or to an orange grove. Then explain all the benefits of that particular healthy food. Giving them a more hands-on example is a very good way to go with most small children.

Offer your child a good variety of different healthy foods at the table. Always offer at least one fruit and vegetable with every meal, so as they grow up, it will become second nature for them to eat fruit and vegetables with every meal.

You may want to use desserts sparingly, or have fruit for dessert most nights. Offering sweets only as an occasional treat and also explain why they are occasional also might give your child some insight into health and nutrition. You don’t need to totally cut out sweets; this may end up eventually making them binge on sweets as they get older.

However, making it obvious that unhealthy snacks and desserts are only for the occasional celebration may make them like their healthy food, and appreciate their not so healthy food on occasion only.

Teaching children about healthy diets and nutrition need not be difficult. You may learn some things while you do your research, too!

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