How to entertain a child in the hospital

Being a child and being in the hospital just do not mix. When your child is in the hospital the very last thing you want on your children’s mind is their sickness and their condition.

Keeping them occupied is the best way to keep them off thier illness, and makes them feel better as well. Here is a list of things that can make your child’s hospital visit much more fun, and it may seem to go by in half the time.

First of all, be sure to let your children know how much you love and care for them, and that you are by thier side. then focus on the fun, and things you can do to cheer them.

One really fin thing to do is have a so called “slumber party” in your child’s room. Of course you may not be able to make all kinds of noise, or have many friends, and you may not even be able to eat any sweets, but the point is this: Rent a movie, and some snacks if your child is able to eat, and turn down the lights and watch the movie. this is so fun for children of any age. Most hospitals allow you to rent the vcr, if not, ask. Your child can even have other members or children of the hospital to come and join.

Next, you can do arts and crafts. Every child loves this, and it allows them to use their creativity. This can be coloring, making pictures, cutting, etc.

You can also bring toys for your children. Barbies, dolls, or dinosaurs can make the hospital stay seem much shorter. This preoccupies them, and they will be having fun as well. If your child is old enough to write, a fun thing for them to do is make a scrapbook of their hospital stay. They can collect stickers the nurses gave them, draw pictures of the people they met, and so on. Be creative! You can also make a hospital journal, and tell all about your stay.

You can bring outside dinner into your child’s room if the nurses okay it. This will make the children feel a lot better, and of course, it is much better than eating the yucky cafeteria food. At most hospitals they have a Nintendo you can rent: this is also a lot of fun. Even parents can get involved. Take your child for walks in a wheelchair all over the hospital. They love this! One last thing that you can do for your child is to read them stories.

You can even do this before they go to bed, or even when they wake up. They will feel a lot more comfortable while they are being read to. You can also bring a bouquet of balloons and surprise them: this will always get a smile!

No matter how long the hospital stay is, your child will have a lot more fun if you stay with them, and show them you care. Hospitals may not be the best of times, but they will be a time to remember, so make them the best possible!

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