How to Enter Online Sweepstakes and contests

How to Enter Online Sweepstakes and contests

The Internet is an open door to many different types of information, including news, education, and entertainment. The entertainment aspect not only draws people to the Internet, it keeps them coming back on a daily basis. One form of online entertainment that draws a large amount of people into the World Wide Web is online contests and instant wins.

Found on nearly every website at some time or other, contests, or links to contests on other sites, can be a great way to spend idle time, and can sometimes draw your attention to a useful site that you may otherwise have never visited. Like other forms of advertising, online contests succeed by getting the consumer to their site. Some wonder if anyone ever wins the contests or instant wins, and the answer is yes. Legitimate contests are governed by some of the same rules and regulations that any contest by a major company would be, plus other rules that pertain solely to online offerings. The key here is legitimacy, as not all online contests are above board. Discerning those contests that are genuine, from those that are not, really takes nothing more than common sense.

Companies that represent everyday products, such as Kraft Foods, Dell, Papa John’s, Hasbro, Spiegel, even the NBA, all have offered online contests, sweepstakes, or instant wins, in the past. Like the names they represent, their contests are legitimate, prizes are real, and people really do receive them.

Other online offerings seem too good to be true, and that means they probably are. A common example is upon entering a site, a pop up will open announcing that you are customer number such and such, and you have instantly won a gift certificate in x amount of dollars. In order to use the certificate, you will have to provide enormous amounts of personal information, and you will discover that the gift certificate is actually a combination of hundreds of coupons good towards the purchase of expensive products. Not only are these not true contests, they are not even worth the time many people spend trying to figure out if they really won something.

It is possible to find, and enter, real contests and instant win offerings, with just a bit of searching. With the help of any major search engine, such as Google or Yahoo, entering a few different search titles will provide you with literally hundreds of choices. Enter into the search engines, leads such as online instant wins, online sweepstakes, or online contests. If you have heard of a sweepstake or contest from a company, head directly to their site.

The best way we have found to even further weed out the unwanted from the true winning possibilities is to find an online forum that deals specifically with these issues. Search for instant win forums, contest forums, or sweepstake forums. These will often provide information, not just on available winnings, but information pertaining to contests and offerings that people have actually won. They can allow someone who has already checked out a contest to share their knowledge on if the site is worth visiting, or not, with other board members.

The last thing to keep in mind when entering contests, instant wins, and sweepstakes, is that while winning is a possibility, a bit of fun and stress relief is usually the main payoff.

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