How to encourage kids to eat healthy snacking

All parents want their children to eat healthy foods. With the abundance of unhealthy snacks around how do you get your children to eat nutritious foods? There are many different ways to encourage your children to eat healthy snacks, and making it fun is the key.

If you allow your child or children to help prepare or to create their own snacks, they will be more likely to eat them. Allow your children to choose from an array of foods, this way they have the opportunity to pick foods that are appealing to them, not just to you. When a child is given a choice and not forced to eat something, they are more likely to enjoy what they have picked.

Most children enjoy fruit, but to encourage fruit over sugary snacks, place bowls of cubed fruit on the table with wooden skewers next to them. Allow the kids to make a colorful fruit shish-kabob, using whatever fruits they want. Fruits like grapes, cherries (Maraschino or fresh), pineapple, pears, peaches, and melon are excellent choices. Make sure the children are careful with the skewers so they don’t cut themselves.

This idea can also be done with a variety of cubed cheeses. If you want your children to drink fruit juice instead of sweetened sodas, try buying several different juices (apple, cranberry, grape, mango, etc.) and allow the children to create their own “mixes”.

By allowing children to make their own choices (from a limited range) you are fostering independent decision making while providing healthy snacking alternatives.

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