How to Dye Your Hair Using Kool-Aid

How to Dye Your Hair Using Kool-Aid

So you’ve decided to change your hair color to something a little bolder. Well, good for you. But before we begin, you need to make sure that’s this is going to be ok. People, especially parents, tend to freak over wild hair color. So if you have a real nine to five job, or you’re under eighteen or still living with your parents, make sure you have given this some thought. You may just want to buy a wig instead.

Still with me? Great! Now, first of all, you need to determine if bleaching is going to be necessary. Brunettes will need to bleach to achieve any kind of noticeable color, as will redheads. If you do have red hair, please understand that this may not work at all. Red is the hardest color to dye over. If you have darker hair, but all you’re looking for is a tint of color, you don’t need to bleach. Blondes will not need to either.

Do you want streaks or over all color?

The basic instructions are the same for both. The difference is that streaks should be separated from the rest of the hair by wrapping in foil.

Bleaching is relatively simple. Buy a bleach kit from the store. You want a kit that specifically states bleaching. A blonde kit will not be enough. Mix the ingredients according to the directions in the box and apply to the hair in a well-ventilated room. Put on a shower cap and wait for the recommended amount of time.

At this point, check the hair to see how much it has bleached out. If not enough, put the cap back on and wait another ten minutes. Keep checking your hair until it had turned a yellowish-white color. Then go rise the bleach completely out. Do not use the conditioner that comes with the kit. This will close off your hair to the color.

Next, you need to mix up the Kool-Aid. Choose a color you like, the brighter the better. Mix two packets of unsweetened mix with a double quarter-sized amount of conditioner. I cannot stress enough that this must be unsweetened Kool-Aid. If you use the sugar-added type, your hair will be a mess. If you haven’t bleached your hair first, go get it.

Put on a pair of gloves and apply the Kool-Aid to your hair. If this is not enough to thickly coat the hair, mix up some more and continue. Wrap your head in plastic wrap and leave it. Leave it as long as you can stand it, all day if you can. The longer you leave it, the better the color will adhere to the hair.

Over time, the color will fade out. If you want it out quicker, toothpaste will speed up this process, but if you bleached the hair or you have really light hair normally, it will not remove the color totally.

Over time

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