How to dye your hair multiple colors at the same time

How to dye your hair multiple colors at the same time

If you want to add two shocking colors to your hair, there are a variety of products on the market today. These products can be found in hues of green, blue, purple, pink, red, yellow, and orange are available in a variety of shocking shades. You can purchase these shades in the form of sprays, gels, and creams.

Do you want to have shocking skater spikes?

You can try a holding gel that maintains your spikes in shocking shades. They have stiff holding power and they smell great! If you are feeling daring you can use water-resistant gels which create a stronghold and intense color without washing out in the water! Eraser shampoo is available to remove the gel when you are ready.

You can mix these products to add a multi-tone color to your hair. Imagine yourself in blue and green tresses? Wouldn’t you look bold in flaming red hair with blond tips? These wonderful products remain where you put them, you just work the products into your hair in the areas that you desire the color and you have instant vibrant colors.

For hair this shocking, I recommend that you use temporary hair color products such as the ones described above. But for those of you who want you color to stand the test of time, there are also semi-permanent and permanent hair coloring products available in bright vibrant colors such as red and orange. You can streak or weave your colors with these products.

Weaving is achieved by applying the hair color randomly to various stands and covering the strands with tin foil. Of course, you should always follow the product guidelines when applying hair color. Do not leave the color on to long and do a test strand before you apply the color throughout your hair. A test strand is done in an inconspicuous place so that you can see the results before applying the color to the rest of your head.

You can use the foil method to weave the color randomly, or in specific areas, that you wish to apply the color. For example, if you wish to have orange bangs and red hair, you can apply the red color to your entire head leaving only your bangs uncolored. Apply your second orange color to your bangs and cover them with tin foil to keep the colors from mixing as you wait for the color to set in your hair.

You can also use a streaking method to apply highlights or lowlights throughout your hair. Highlights are colors that are lighter or brighter than the color of your remaining hair. Lowlights are streaks of hair that are darker than the rest of your hair.

High or lowlights can be achieved by coloring your entire head of hair your desired color, then going back and add streaks of a different color to strands throughout your hair. Products may come with a small applicator brush or a cap.

The brush is used as a paintbrush; you simply paint on the color wherever you want it. The cap method requires you to pull strands of your hair through the cap and then apply the color to these strands that have been pulled out of the cap.

Coloring can add pizzazz to your hair and your style. Color can be dramatic and dazzling! So, the next time you want to shock your neighbors why not pick up a bottle of blue hair gel?

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