How to dye roots darker than the rest of hair

How to dye roots darker than the rest of hair

Some people face quite a bit of a dillemma when attempting to have their hair highlighted. One of the problems they sometimes encounter is getting dark roots when they have their hair highighted.

Highlighting, among other things, allows a person to gradually grow their natural hair color back without any drastic changes taking place or being noticed by that folk one would not want to take notice. If done correctly the roots will blend in nicely and will require only a few interspersed foils about once every six months to a year. It is important to get deep conditioning treatments before the highlighted work has begun.

Some questions must be asked and answered prior to highlighting your hair in order to find out if you are at high risk for getting dark roots: Is your hair the same color from the roots through the shaft and to the ends? Does it change color midshaft only and not to the ends? Will your colorist plan to use a lightener? Highlights should be used only on newly grown hair and if so then a highlight color should be used.

And will that colorist highlight the whole hair shafts from the roots to the ends? Will the colorist use permanent color? In essence, make sure your colorist is competent. Ask around. This is one area where rumors hold weight.

Wait until the color of the roots is really noticeable then consult a stylist and ask them to refer you to a great colorist. Have the colorist do only certain sections of the roots with foils one shade darker than the last and so on. The colorist should continue to do this for about three months or until your natural color comes shining through.

Or you can wait until your roots grow out to your natural color and have low light shades put in to help the roots blend in better. It is possible for the colorist at this point to color from the midshaft down to the root first so as to help them blend in more gradually.

Another way to blend in roots is to use a combination of high color and bleach with alternating foils. Once again it is imperative to find a colorist who is very knowledgable in this area.

Do not process the roots too many times as this can make them fragile and easier to damage or break completely off. Conditioning treatments are important for the overall look and health of your hair. It has been said good conditioning even helps your hair feel healthier.

If you must do this yourself buy a good quality semi-permanent color of a type you desire and test it first on a few strands of discolored root hair. If this works out well and looks good to your satisfaction apply it to the rest of your dark roots evenly.

Next, you need to process it and then give your hair a really good shampoo followed by a vigorous conditioning treatment, the most expensive you can afford. At this point, if all is well and good and you have not scared yourself away your hair should be ready to cut and shape.

And you can feel proud to style and profile. After all what is life all about anyway? Some say it is about having nice hair and enjoying life.

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