How to dress for your body type and age

How to dress for your body type and age

Finding a dress that will give you a perfect fit for your body shape depends on how much you understand your shape and how much you understand what styles will improve your look. There are several names for different body shapes, but I will use the most common names in this article. The four most commonly used names are: Hourglass, Rectangle, Triangle and Inverted Triangle.

Hourglass figures are shapely. The curves are in the bust and hips with a slender waistline. Rectangle figures are shaped evenly from top to bottom. This shape usually has little or no curves. Triangle figures have a narrow upper body and the lower body is full and/or wide. Inverted Triangle figures have a full and/or wide upper half with the lower half of the body being narrow.

If you’re not sure of what shape your body is you can try taking an objective look at your body. Start by asking yourself specific questions about your body. Where are my curves? How does my upper body compare to my lower body? Am I shaped evenly? You can also measure your bust, waist, and hips.

Taking these measurements will help you determine how your body is proportioned. Once you know what shape you are most matched with, it will be easier for you to choose styles that will complement the figure.

If your shape is similar to the hourglass, your figure can be complimented by most styles. You want to go for styles that will emphasize your curves without making yourself look bulky. Choose a lightly close-fitting dress. This will add that emphasis to your body.

Also, go for styles that are similar to bias-cut and princess. When your shape is more like a rectangle, too many styles will leave you looking boxy. You want to give the look of having curves. Wearing shirtwaist dresses and a fitted dress with little or no waistline or styles similar will help you create that look.

Women who can compare their body shape to a triangle want to even out their bodies. Choosing dresses with shoulder pads will help balance the upper body with the lower body. Dresses that are loose but narrow in the skirt will help create a slimmer look to your lower body by hiding your hips. Coat dresses and similar styles will help you achieve a balanced look.

If your shape resembles an inverted triangle, you also want to create a balanced look. Maintain that even look by choosing dresses that will leave the impression of having a slimmer upper body and by choosing dresses that will draw the eye away from your upper body. Full skirts will add to your lower body, giving you the appearance of having fuller hips.

The next time you are trying on dresses, analyze your appearance with an objective eye. Take a friend with you or get someone in the store to give you some honest opinions if you don’t trust yourself to analyze your own appearance. Ask yourself questions on how your appearance is affected by the dress.

Here are some questions you can start with. Does the dress emphasize my curves without making me appear bulky? Do my hips look wider compared to the rest of my body? Does the dress make my shoulders look too broad? Does the dress create the appearance of having curves?

Here are some

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