How to do push ups for beginners

How to do push ups for beginners

Push-ups if done properly can help with your posture and overall health and overall appearance.


1) Lie chest down with your hands at shoulder level, palms flat on the floor and a little more than shoulder-width apart, feet together.

2) Have your chin touching the floor.

3) Straighten your arms as you push your body up off the floor. Keep the back straight.

4) Breath out as the arms begin to get straight.

5) Then lower the body to the floor. Bending the arms and keeping the body straight.

6) Lower the body till your chest touch the floor.

7) Pause and start again to do a second, third and so on.

Doing a push up with the proper form there are different muscle groups that you will be working on. The muscle group that gets the most benefit are the arms. There are many men who do nothing but push up and have huge arms. The best thing to do to increase your arm size is by elevating your body higher up.

The easiest way to do this is by using the steps. You can place your feet on the second step from the bottom. By doing the push up in this form you are adding more pressure to your arms thus they will get bigger. As you get more experienced you can use other items to increase the leverage.

The chest is another part of the body that benefits. The way that this can be done is by doing the push up with your arms place wide apart. This will help increase pressure to the chest area thus making a wide and big chest.

With practice you will be able to do many different varations to work different parts of your arms, chest and back.

As with any exercise practice make perfect. Don’t try to do a lot at first and talk with a doctor first before starting any exercise program.

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