How to do marble painting?

How to do marble painting?

Are you looking for a decorating technique that will create a colorful and unique look to almost anything? Look no further than the toy box. Marbles are the answer to decorating with flair. Every pattern you make with marbles is different than the last one and all future ones. And there’s practically nothing that can’t be decorated using this technique or similar ones.

Read the label to make sure that the paint you’re using is appropriate for the particular project. Lay plastic or newspapers under the object you’ll be painting. Fill paper cups partially full of paint and drop a few marbles in each color. Using disposable gloves, or a plastic spoon, remove the marbles from the paint and lay them on the surface you’re painting.

Try not to let globs of paint drip when first putting the marble on the surface. To eliminate most of the dripping, drop the marble onto a paper towel or waxed paper, then push it onto the surface you’re painting. Lift one end or move the object around to let the marble travel around, streaking the project with paint before falling off, onto the newspaper.

This technique works for objects which can be placed on a table, lifted up, and moved around easily. For objects that will be difficult to get the marble to stay on, like a lamp, lay the lamp on its side and, wearing gloves, use your fingertips to move the marble around the surface of the lamp. The gloves will rub off the paint off quicker, so you’ll need to re-dip the marbles more frequently.

Use large marbles or ball bearings for large streaks and small ones for thin streaks. Wait between each color to allow the paint to dry, unless the look you want is to have some of the colors streaked together. You don’t have to mix colors or use more than one. You can choose one color and let the marbles travel all over the surface, cris-crossing each other.

A paint that dries quickly and looks fabulous on just about anything is the metallic type that dries gold, silver, pewter, or bronze. The metallic marbling technique gives a look of elegance to lamps, dishes, picture frames, and even countertops. You can find metallic paints in most craft stores.

For other surfaces that can’t be moved, like a countertop, set the marble on the edge and give it a push, letting it travel across the counter. Start the marbles in different places, and push them in various directions. Be sure the surrounding area is covered in plastic or newspaper.

Marble painting isn’t just for hard surfaces. You can paint tee shirts, shoes, socks, scarves, hats, and coats in this manner by dipping them into fabric paints, then rolling the marbles around on the clothing.

Other things you can do this streaking technique on are the sofa, pillows, sheets, trash cans, the fireplace mantle, pots for plants, toys, stationery, soap dishes, commode lid, stuffed animals, toy box, rugs, and hundreds of other items.

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