How to do goth makeup

How to do goth makeup

Goth girls and guys, this is your time of year to seize power. The dark part of the year, from October through February, is traditionally the time when many peoples of the world honor the balance that darkness creates in the universe.

The veil between the worlds is thinnest now, and you who walk between those worlds have cause to celebrate. Creating a look for your outer self that honors your path of power is easier than you think. Those who are already pale and raven-haired have a jump on the rest of us, but any heritage can carry the Goth persona.

Of course, those who have pale skin and dark hair have it easiest. If you are a member of this lucky bunch, you have only a few rules to follow. Emphasize your paleness with a foundation or powder that is only one or two shades lighter than your natural complexion. The biggest mistake people make when embracing the Goth look is to go too light. Look for makeup that has a high pigment concentration, such as brands designed to cover tattoos. These produce flawless results.

Apply with a slightly damp sponge and follow with pale or translucent powder, applied lightly with a big, fluffy brush. Apply to neck and shoulders as well (back, too) if your outfit demands it. If you are going all-out, use theatrical contouring powder in ash grey or dark burgundy-brown, not black. You want to look like Dracula’s Royalty, not a kid who’s trick-or-treating.

Create a sculptured look by applying the contour powder to the places you want to appear to recede, such as the hollows of cheeks (below cheekbones), the sides of the nose (blend, blend, blend), and the underside of the jawline. Girls, gently contour your cleavage as well, if it’s showing, but keep it very light and blended. Silver or gold glitter, ground fine and used sparingly, is very effective here.

Be very sure that your eyebrows are meticulously groomed. A nice arch is an elegant addition to any Goth look. Using powder to emphasize eyebrows is far superior to a pencil. It looks less aging trailer-park and more Hecate.Also, those of us who are not under 24 might choose to use a tightening masque and exfoliant before applying our makeup. It makes a world of difference.

Your eyes should be lightly shadowed for men and aggravatingly beautiful girls, more heavily shadowed for the rest of us. Shadows can be dark grey, brown, burgundy, etc. and are best matched or coordinated with other contour colors. A good rule is to create a triangle with the point toward your nose and outer two angles toward your outer eye. Extend the upper angle out toward your brow bone, sweeping up in a gentle curve. Again, blending is key.

Line your lips with a dark pencil. If you are using black lipstick, line with black. Just as effective are dark, blood-red (match liner, please), and deep blue, for those with really, really flawless complexions. Never use a black liner with other colors of lipstick.

Not genetically gifted with natural Goth looks? Despair not, blonde, red-headed, and otherwise alive-looking brethren! All skin-types, hair-types, and all nationalities can partake in the Feast of Goth lifestyle. Blondes can highlight their hair with sylvan ash (never gold.) and use blood-red, brown, and dark blue makeup accents. Silver metallic makeup can look devilishly magical on blondes.

Again, only go one or two shades lighter than your natural stone for the foundation. Redheads can cover freckles with pigment-rich foundation, sticking to their naturally creamy color of skin. If you’re ruddy, use a green concealing color corrector (available in drug stores and at all cosmetic counters) before applying foundation.

Redheads look gorgeous in dark red or brown lipstick, contours, and nail color. Line the insides of your lower lids with creamy pale liner for an open-eyed look especially good if you line your upper and lower lids with dark liner.

Dark-skinned? Use lots of purple and black in your makeup palette. Blue accents (spray-on or semi-permanent) in black hair look witchy and wonderful. If you’re really bold, use bright silver streaks in your hair. Multi-racial, Asian, or Native American?

Match your foundation to your undertones (yellow and other sallow tones are more widely available now), but go lighter than normal. Use brown or dark earthen combinations with burgundy, black, or blood-red lipstick and lip liner. Asian people can look awesome in deep blue contours and lipsticks.

When accenting your look, place emphasis on one attention-grabbing feature. Do you have a nicely-shaped mouth and a tongue ring? Make that your focal point. Take extra care in lining and coloring your lips and color your tongue with pomegranate juice or a red or blue lollipop. Don’t indulge in overkill when it comes to facial hardware.

Two to three piercings on your face and head are enough to make your statement. Ears can take a lot of hardware, of course, provided that you don’t have a lot of facial piercings as well. Keep it to a moderate level. Would you sink if they threw you off a ship? Then you’re wearing too much metal. A nice statement for women is to show tattoos through a transparent shirt. Match the color to your basic makeup palette for an astounding effect.

It’s Goth time to shine, so make your statement as a proud resident of the Underworld. Top it off with the requisite fang-marks (use eye-liner and twirl in place) on your neck or chest. See you in the mists and at an underground club near you. May the Darkness protect you.

It’s Goth time
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