How to do creative visualization exercises

How to do creative visualization exercises

Visualization is an excellent way to relieve stress. There are several ways to prepare yourself for visualization. You can sit in a comfortable chair or you can lie down. Visualize that you are in a huge bubble , floating across a beautiful, green valley.

Look at all the scenery. The lush, green trees, and the emerald green grass. You are safe in this bubble. Then, lower the bubble to the ground. Step out and walk through the soft green grass. Soon, you will come to a warm, clear, stream with a waterfall. At the bottom of the waterfall, there is a deep, blue pool of water. Step into the water. Stay there for a while and feel all of the stress in your body leave.

After a while, you will be very relaxed and then you can get out of the water and step back into your bubble. As your bubble goes higher and higher you can repeat this process.

Another good visualization is to visualize stairs rising towards the sky. Visualize that the steps are covered in a carpet of thick soft green grass. Put your feet on the first step. Look at your feet and feel the soft grass beneath your feet. Repeat this process with each step until you reach the top of the stairs.

When you reach the top, visualize that you are walking out onto the top of a mountain. Lookout and visualize that you see the tops of other mountains peeking through tops of white, fluffy clouds. Feel the cool wind as it brushes across your face and through your hair.

After you have stayed for a while and you feel relaxed, turn and walk down the stairs looking at each step as you go. Walk slowly down the stairs visualizing all the tension leaving your body with each step.

If you can do these visualization once a week you will notice a great improvement in the way you can handle stress.

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