How to do body art with adhesive jewels

How to do body art with adhesive jewels

Whether you’re going to a party or you just want to shine tonight, adhesive jewels make it easy to glimmer in style. There are so many colors and so many designs, and all you have to do is remove the paper backing and stick to your skin. Try some of these ideas for looking beautiful with jewels:

1) Tiny adhesive jewels look beautiful when you outline your eyebrow, or use them instead of eye shadow. Tweezers will help you to place the jewels, since their size makes it difficult to hold between fingers. The shapes can be tiny diamonds or bitty circles in silver, gold or multi-color. Instead of outlining the entire eyebrow, add a row of diamonds in the shape of the upper part of the eyebrow.

2) Make a choker by placing several rows of jewels around the neck.

3) Make bracelets, necklaces, or anklets by arranging the jewels in unique shapes around wrists or ankles. Or, place a row of the jewels around the upper part of the arm for a jeweled arm band.

4) Use one large jewel, like a teardrop shape in a diamond color to place under the eye, high on the cheek, to represent a tear. It should be large enough to be noticeable, but not so large that it weighs heavily on the cheek.

5) Make a unique arrangement with the jewels on the back of the hand. Start from the side of the wrist, placing the jewels in an arc up to the lower knuckle of the middle finger, then arc out and back to the opposite side of the wrist. Or follow those instructions, but make a loop on the back of the hand before going over to the opposite side of the wrist. You can also just choose a design, use a stencil, and place a butterfly, bumble bee, rose, or another design on the back of the hand.

6) Stick one small jewel on the side of the nose or on the eyebrow for a nose ring or eyebrow ring appearance.

7) Wrap the tiny jewels around the fingers for thumb rings and finger-end rings.

8) Place a jeweled cross at the dip in the throat, then use gold or silver jewels to form a “chain” around the neck.

9) Use the jewels to outline the hairline, from temple to temple.

10) When wearing sandals or flip-flops, make a unique design on the top of the foot. Or when going barefoot, make flip-flop lines on the top of the feet with colored jewels.

11) Use the adhesive jewels to dress up finger nails or toe nails.

12) Make a tattoo-like design on the upper, outer part of the arm, or on the lower side of the ankle.

13) Place the jewels at random, in the hair, for lots of sparkles.

14) Outline the lips with the tiniest jewels you can find, or just place one above the upper or lower lip for a pierced look.

15) Make a cute design on one cheek.

Try these designs and some of your own for a glittery, sparkly night.

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