How to develop and use telepathy

use telepathy

The word telepathy is derived from the two separate Greek words Tele meaning ‘far off’ or ‘from a distance,’ and Pathy which means ‘to feel.’ Simply looking at the origin and meanings of this word already gives us a clear idea of the definition. However, the dictionary goes one step further and defines telepathy as “apparent communication from one mind to another…”

Telepathy is, in actuality, a form of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). Those who believe in ESP claim that we posses sensing capabilities additional to our basic five physical senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight. This “sixth sense” is seen as the ability to pick up, or perceive the unspoken thoughts and feelings of others.

It is a common belief within the community of psychic phenomenon that everyone has ESP, but that some are more aware of it than others. It is this rationale that comes to the basis for the theory that is possible for anyone to improve their ESP telepathy abilities by developmental practices and environmental conditions.

  • To practice ESP telepathy it is essential to believe the entire concept. Skeptics reportedly have never scored high in psychic testing or experiments.
  • Telepathy works best when the other person you are mentally “linking” with is thinking about a subject that is interesting, colorful, exciting, and/or emotional. This is because these types of thoughts are move active and intense and therefore easier for you to pick up on.
  • Try to keep all experiments and activities rather short to prevent boredom or fatigue from occurring. Your psychic ability is at its peak when you feel most energized.
  • Avoid trying too hard. Forcing yourself to sense what another person is thinking will actually sabotage your attempts. Your mind is primed for psychic perceptions when you are relaxed and at ease.
  • Being in positive health both mentally and physically makes telepathy easier. As mentioned before being tired and sick makes accepting psychic perceptions much more difficult, as does feeling negative, depressed, or generally sad. When under these conditions it is most common for mistakes or misperceptions to occur.
  • Be loose, relaxed, and receptive. Achieving a mild state of meditation helps psychic perceptions “flow” easier. If the doors of your mind are closed, nothing can make its way in.
  • Anything that you find distracting will be detrimental to your attempts. Try to always be in a calm and quiet environment to allow for maximum concentration.
  • Pay attention to the ways in which each and every psychic perception you have occurs. Closely monitor your different states of emotion during these sessions and examine whether they may or may not influence your perceptions. Telepathy is a skill rather than a talent, and like any skill developing it is a learning experience.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you don’t automatically understand your perceptions. Sometimes impressions can come to you in symbolic or unusual associative forms. Make an effort to analyze each of your impressions individually to the best of your abilities.

Each of the above points should help you develop your telepathic skills. One of the easiest experiments is to take a friend or family member who is supportive in your efforts, separate yourself from them, and try to tune in to their thoughts. Do this for a set period of time, recording your impressions, and then compare them with your partner. The more you do this (not necessarily with the same person) the more often you should get positive and accurate results.

Don’t think that just because you are discovering your psychic abilities that you have to share these breakthroughs with skeptics to make them believe. Many times this will only discourage and hinder your accomplishments. Try to share your experiences with those who will only be receptive, unless you feel compelled to do otherwise. Remember the effects of negative emotions on your ability to receive perceptions.

Exploring your own psychic and telepathic abilities can be a fun and incredibly journey. It is also a task that takes time and patience. Never expect to be hit with vivid images and impressions in the beginning, especially if you weren’t previously aware of this extra sense. It’s a learned ability that can be quite easily cultivated. Look at the time that it takes to improve your abilities as a new way to discover parts of yourself that you may have never been aware of. Positive self-discovery is always a good thing!

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