How to determine your body shape

How to determine your body shape

Determining the shape of your particular body type or figure is fairly easy. There are basically just a few to learn and most people fall into one of these categories. Learning your body shape can aid in the ability to dress more flattering as well as learning what tips and techniques to help your overall appearance.

The first body shape that is most common is the hourglass figure. This is probably the most sought after shape. The hourglass is the most proportioned of all. Simply put it is broad on top, thin at the waist and again broad on the hips.

Next is the rectangle. Much like the shape we all know it is basically straight up and down, in otherwords, there is no definition at the waistline.

Next we have two kinds of triangles. The regular triangle which is proportioned small at the top half of the body and larger towards the bottom around the hips and buttocks. The other kind of triangle is called the inverted triangle. It is basically the shape of a regular triangle flipped upside down. The heaviest part of the body being on top. This is sometimes referred to as being “top heavy.”

Another shape is the oval. If you can picture an egg you will notice that the top and bottom are narrow. In the middle is where you will find the weight distributed. The oval shape can be carried either high or low meaning the weight can be carried above the waistline or below.

As you can see there are lots of body shapes and perhaps a few that are not named. It is not uncommon to have any of these shapes, everyone comes in different sizes. It is good to figure out your personal shape and read and learn about ways to flatter your particular body style.

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