How to detail your car

How to detail your car

Unless your car is kept garaged most of the time it is subject to the dirt,

smog, and harsh weather. These conditions make it hard for the body and interior of your automobile. Learning how to properly wax and clean your car can prevent premature wear and tear. It is also smart to keep your car in the best condition for the sake of resale value.

Washing the exterior of your vehicle is the first step. Using a small amount of car soap with a bucket of water is much more effective than trying to wash it at a car wash. You can purchase car soap and is recommended over household soaps because of its mild chemicals. A steady stream of water instead of blasting it with a hose is gentler on the paint. Once you have soaped and rinsed your car as well as the glass using a clean dry soft towel to dry it off.

Now you are ready to apply a glaze. A glaze is used before waxing to hide scratches and spiderwebbing. You can apply this rather fast as it does not have to be perfect. Once the glaze is dry it is time for the wax. You can buy a liquid wax or a solid wax, the latter lasts longer. Apply with a sponge or whatever may be provided, make sure you are not in direct sunlight. The sun can dry the wax making it hard to remove. Take a section at a time being very careful not to get any on rubber or plastic. A dry clean polishing cloth is best to remove it with.

Now you are ready to clean the interior. The first thing for a good thorough cleaning job is if possible, remove the seats. This allows you to vacuum in hard to get to places. Be sure and take out the floor mats and clean those, too. If they are carpet mats you may want to shampoo them and vacuum them with a shop vac. Using a vinyl protectant on the dash and dashboard will protect it from the sun as well as giving it a shine.

A Q-tip is an easy way to get to the little areas a cloth will not reach. Make sure you do not forget the windows inside and out. Using a glass cleaner and clean paper towel or newspaper will suffice. If your automobile has leather seats it is wise to clean with a leather protectant for best results.

Keeping your car’s interior and exterior clean is not only beneficial to the life of the car, it also makes you feel good about the vehicle you are driving.

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