How to design your own western-style jeans

Making your own western-style jeans is actually very simple. All you will need is a pair of boot cut jeans (preferably an old worn-out pair) and some materials from your local crafts store or online craft retailer. Here are the instructions for making a stand-out pair of western-style jeans:

  1. Lay your jeans on a flat surface, such as the top of your kitchen or dining room table or on a large workbench. Use a piece of sandpaper to rough up the jeans rub side to side, not up and down. Be sure to use the sandpaper on both sides of the jeans. Once your jeans have a worn-out look to them, you can move on to the next step.
  1. Since your jeans are covered in sandpaper grit, throw them into the washing machine and then the dryer.
  2. When your pants have dried, put them on. Carefully, use scissors to make a slit from the bottom of the pant leg (at the outer seam) to the bottom of your knee. Make slits in both outer pant leg seams. Take your pants off, and turn them inside out.
  3. Next, you are going to sew western-style flares into your pants where you made the slits. To do so, measure the length of your slits (the length from the bottom of the pant-leg to the top of the slit that you made to line up with the bottom of your knees). You will need two triangular pieces of fabric. The width of the bottom of the triangles should be as wide as you would like your pant flares to be, about eight inches. Your fabric should be western-themed traditional red cowboy bandanas work very well, and they are really inexpensive too. Use a needle and thread to sew your triangular fabric pieces into the openings you cut into your pant-legs. If you have access to a sewing machine, by all means, use it; this step will be much quicker if you have a sewing machine.
  4. Once you have sewn in your flares, turn your pants right-side out again. Lay them top-side up on your flat surface.
  5. Next, it’s time to put some western touches onto your jeans. You will need gold fabric paint, sponges (to apply the paint with), and star-shaped stencils that are about an inch and a half from point to point. The star shapes are going to be stenciled below your front pockets the number of stars that you stencil onto your pants depends on how wide the pants are, but you should be able to fit at least three stars below each pocket (so if you are very slim person, look for really small star stencils). Squirt some gold fabric paint onto a paper plate, and carefully dip the top surface of a sponge into the pant. Before using the sponge on your pants, blot it several times on a scrap piece of fabric or paper so that it has the desired worn-looking effect when used to stencil the stars.
  6. Once the paint on the front of your pants has dried, turn them over. Your next step is putting some fringe on your back pockets. Buy iron-on leather or faux leather fringe trim it has an un-fringed top strip that has a heat-activated adhesive on it so that all you have to do is cut it to the desired lengths, position it on each one of your back pockets, and iron it into place. If you want to be doubly sure that your fringe won’t fall off, make a few stitches with a needle and thread.
  7. To finish off your western-style jeans, you absolutely must get a thick belt with a big silver or gold western belt buckle on it. Have fun with your western wear!

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