How to design and decorate cheap paper plates

cheap paper plates

If you’re trying to cut down on the cost of an upcoming party, opting to use cheap paper plates is a great way to trim costs without trimming style. After all, no one said a cheap paper plate had to look cheap. Read on for several low-cost ideas designed to help you turn cheap paper plates into a real asset to your party decor.

Paint- Personalize plain paper plates with the words to your favorite quote or song. Just pick up a paint pen from your local craft store, and go to work adding your chosen text to the outer rim of the plate. If your party is centered around a particular theme, go a step further and select a quote or song that corresponds to your theme. Guests are sure to be impressed when they notice this unusual detail.

Emboss- Wow your guests with beautifully embossed paper plates. Pick up an embossing template and embossing a pen from your local craft store. (Both items are typically located in the scrapbooking section of the store.) Then, set yourself to the task of adding raised details to the rim of the plate by placing the embossing template on the backside of the rim, and using the embossing pen to trace over the open areas of the template. When finished, flip the plate back over to check the results. Then, continue to repeat the process until the entire rim is filled with your custom embossing.

Stickers- If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add a decorative touch to your paper plates, stickers are a great option. Pick up a few packages of stickers that relate to your party theme, and then apply them to the rim of the plate. (For example, you might use ant stickers for a picnic or palm trees for a luau.) Then, take it one step further, and add the same stickers to the party cups and napkins.

Pinking shears- Add a touch of sophistication to your plates by giving them a quick trim. Pick up a pair of pinking shears from your local craft store, and then cut around the rim of your plates to create an instant decorative edge. (Pinking shears are available in a wide variety of styles from zig-zag to scalloped edge, so spend a little time looking for the pair that best reflects your personal style.)

Stamp- If you’re looking for the perfect plates to jazz up your luncheon or dinner party, a monogram stamp could be just the thing. Purchase a rubber stamp featuring the appropriate letter for your surname, and a stamp pad to match your party’s decor. Then, simply stamp one or more monogram letters on each plate for a custom look that’s as cost-effective as it is classy.

Craft punch- Give your plates a punch of style with the aid of a craft punch. Purchase a craft punch from your craft store in a design that corresponds to your party theme. Then, use it to punch the design into the rim of the plate.

Just remember, it is possible to plan an affordable party without sacrificing style in the process. Start with the plates, and soon you’ll be finding creative ways to save money on all your party details!


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