How to Design an Advertising Campaign for Small Business

How to Design an Advertising Campaign for Small Business

Advertising is one of the staples of modern-day business owners. Each company at some time and some point first started off with a modest advertising campaign. Because advertising is one of the most important things you must consider when running your own business, it should be taken into great consideration. It would be ideal if everyone were able to afford the most elaborate commercials and billboard displays but a regular person with limited money must find other avenues to exploit.

Although it would be grand to be able to just go out and buy everything it takes to advertise such as promotional items, you most importantly must determine a budget for your campaign. This will allow you the idea of how much you have available to splurge on items for advertising. Here are ten things you can do to begin your advertising quest:

1. Come up with a slogan or trademark!

The slogan should be something that catches the consumer’s eye. This is a very important detail because it not only represents your company but it represents your product as well. This will remind people time and time again about your product or service. Having a certain catchphrase that will stick in people’s heads. For instance, my father owns his own plumbing company. Even though he’s been in the business for virtually all his life and has a loyal customer base, he needed something to catch possible new customers’ attention. What could you possibly say about a plumbing company that proves to be intriguing? The life of a plumber is not a glamorous one but everyone needs one occasionally. When you open the yellow pages it would be nice ideally if something extraordinary about your ad caught the eye of a desperate customer.

You also could consider the possibility of inventing a trademark for your company. A trademark is a distinguishing characteristic that becomes associated with your company. This can be a symbol; a logo, a brand, and a label are all examples of what a trademark could consist of. You could also use a company mascot such as a family pet or a cartoon character specially made for your company.

2. Use the Internet as a venue to advertise!

In this technological day, it is easy to advertise over the Internet by starting up your own web page but the trick is getting your page visited. You can create a Website for a low cost and will be able to let your creativity show with the style of your site. You can also use your Website for selling your products or services. There is also the possibility of buying an email list and emailing people about your service.

3. Advertise or have an article written up about your company in local newspapers!

The complete idea is to get the word out about your company so you could contact your local or regional paper and have them print either an ad in the classifieds or have them write up something about your company. There are always freelance writers looking to do assignments on companies in the area.

4. Take out an ad in the telephone book.

This is more than self-explanatory. When you advertise go one more step ahead and have a larger advertisement than the standard company name, address, and telephone. When people open the phone book the idea is for your ad to stand out more than anyone else’s.

5. Make appearances at local events.

When your town or any town around you has any kind of festival or parade it is a perfectly simple idea to have a booth or float in the event. When you have a booth at a festival, make sure you have either an abundance of your products just in case your business goes over well or have literature for the potential customers to take home. You could always go as far as having samples of your product to give out or even have free samples even if you have no product to sell. You should also be sure to have magnets, business cards, and fliers on hand to distribute.

6. Have promotional items made up for a unique way of advertising.

When you decide to advertise, it is some times a good idea to have promotional items made up for your company. These can be such items as baseball caps, pens, coffee mugs, sweatshirts, bumper stickers, and any other possible creative items that promotional item companies offer. For instance, for a beauty and health company, you could possibly have a pen made in the shape of lipstick for distribution when a customer purchases something from you. Samples are also a good way to let the customer try your products before they decide to make the commitment and purchase them.

Sometimes the best way to make customers is to monopolize your own hometown. The best way that you can advertise is to have people spread the word of your company by word of mouth. If the people you know well get a chance to try out your product or service, they will more than likely tell their friends and family members and get your name out to more than when you just take a shot at running an ad in the paper.

7. Call a local radio or television station and ask if they would be interested in having broadcast from your company location.

This of course would be more geared towards a company that worked outside of a personal home. If you should happen to own a restaurant or store it would not only advertise the television/ radio station but also yourself. When you are able to organize that event then be sure to have plenty of your product or promotional items on hand to distribute.

8. Hang up flyers anywhere you possibly can.

There are many times when I’ve walked into a restaurant, store, or library and had a flyer catch my eye. If you decide to do this, just ask the store you want to advertise in if they have a community bulletin board. Most stores have them on the way out of the store.

9. Have business cards and car signs made up.

At some point in your career as a small business owner, the discussion of what you do will come up when you are out either socializing or even getting a hair cut. This is the perfect opportunity to personally get to word out to curious people. Have business cards handy to distribute. You could also have car signs made up for your personal vehicle or have a company vehicle with your company name and phone number on it as a driving billboard.

10. Be a walking billboard.

The best way to advertise is to be a walking billboard. People are always curious so your attire must be unique in order to stand out.

When advertising just remember the goal is to make sure you have a budget made up before you decide on anything and then after all that is over with be creative. In order to get recognized in a world of copycats, you must stand out and be unique. Have fun with it and reap the benefits.


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