How to decoupage a candle

How to decoupage a candle

While the final result of a decoupage project can be a work of art, it is actually quite an easy craft. A candle provides a unique surface for the patchwork of decoupage.


Candle of your choice

Craft knife
Decoupage medium or a mixture of glue and water (mixture should be at least glue and water, but will vary by glue)
The small, hard object for smoothing
Small foam brush or paintbrush


  1. Select the candle that you would like to decoupage. A pillar candle works best because it provides a uniform surface and its roundness will make pasting easier since there will be no corners and edges to work with. If you wish to cover the entire candle while decoupaging, it doesn’t matter what color you choose, but otherwise, consider what color you would like as an overall border. If you buy a scented candle, you should also consider what scent would fit your planned design. If you plan to create a lacy feminine design, would it best be complimented by pumpkin or rose-scented candle?
  2. Gather the pictures you would like to decoupage onto the candle. A craft knife may be useful at this time for cutting out highly detailed images. You can create a theme for your design or create beauty from randomness. Pictures can come from any source. Look through magazines, check out wrapping and tissue papers, print clip-art from your computer, even look at your napkins. Material for your project is everywhere if you just look for it. If you wish to use photographs, copy them onto regular paper first, as photo paper is too thick to properly adhere to a surface with decoupage. Even though the decoupage tends to focus on pictures, you can also include words, whether a few phrases that follow your theme or an entire poem.
  3. Layout the general design on your work surface before you touch a drop of glue. This is the time to make changes to your plan, not when a unique picture is already glued to the candle.
  4. Use your foam brush or paintbrush to coat an area of the candle with the decoupage medium. Coat the back of your first picture and apply it to the candle.
  5. Smooth the picture onto the candle. A tool called a brayer is a small rolling pin made especially for decoupage work. However, any other small, hard object like a wooden dowel will work just as well to remove air bubbles and extra glue. If you prefer, you could even use your fingers. Whatever method you use, be careful when smoothing to push gently so that you don’t rip the wet tissue or paper.
  6. Continue gluing and smoothing with each picture until you have finished your design.
  7. Seal your finished candle. You may use more of your decoupage medium or glue mixture or you can use a thicker seal such as polyurethane. You should apply seal until all edges are smooth for a finer, more durable finished product.
  8. Enjoy your new candle or give it as a gift to someone special.