How to decorate your outfit with a scarf

Even if you have never worn a scarf before, it’s not too late to start. Browse the accessories department of your local clothing or department store to check out the selection. When you find a style, fabric, and size you like, take it home and experiment with a variety of new looks.

  1. Wear a scarf on your head. Fold your new silk accent into a triangle shape by meeting one end with its diagonal opposite. Tie it under your chin for a smoky 1930’s look, straight from the great movie era. Then tie it at the nape of your neck for a European look. Next, fold it length-wise and place it atop your head with the ends framing your face. Try a bevy of looks to coordinate with various outfits.
  1. Next, tie a scarf around your shoulders. You will need a larger piece for this profile, and you may want to choose a solid color to go with a print outfit, or vice versa. Knot it loosely at your chest or at either shoulder, using a brooch that picks up the mood of the piece. Or you can fold it lengthwise and lay it around your shoulders, with the ends in front, then cross one end over the opposite shoulder to fall over your back, and hold it in place with a decorator pin. Another look is to lower the scarf around your neck until it rests on your upper arms and secure it at your chest with a pin that loops the ends together.
  2. Circle your waist with a scarf. Using a longer scarf this time, you can roll it loosely into a coil rather than a flat shape and wrap it around your waist, tying it in front. Or have the ends meet on one side and cross them, securing the intersection with a decorator pin or a belt. Another look involves having the ends meet in back and tie there.
  3. Use a scarf to drape your hips. A wider scarf works well this way. Tie the ends at one hip or the other. Shape the scarf into a triangle and let the narrow piece flank one hip while the ends meet at the other for a Gypsy look. A fringed scarf is especially effective. Use a print that blends with the other colors of your outfit so that the overall effect does not become unintentionally garish.
  4. Accent your belt with a colorful scarf. Loop a coiled scarf through a belt loop or the front buckle and let both ends dangle. Or lace your coiled scarf through the belt loops of a skirt or trousers and use it as a belt. The same scarf looping can work with a belt to enhance the girded look.

Scarves function as head covers, shawls for the shoulders, cinches for the waist, and accents for the hips. Try out any of these styles, or others of your choosing, to make a scarf work well with your wardrobe. Why go for basic when you can look brilliant?

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