How to decorate ordinary socks

How to decorate ordinary socks

Socks with embellishments like lace are much more expensive than ordinary white or dyed socks making it sometimes cheaper to decorate the socks yourself. For example, a pair of socks with glittery lace around the cuff can cost a dollar or so more than an ordinary pair of socks, yet the lace itself is about fifty cents. New fabric glues make it quick and simple to apply the lace, eliminating the need for machine and notions. In fact, with fabric glue you can add all different types of enhancements to plain socks in very little time.

Lace comes in many widths, styles, and colors, creating looks from elegant to just plain cute. Since plain lace is slightly less expensive than lace with glitter, add your own glitter to the lace and glue it to the socks. Or use ribbon to make tiny bows and attach them to the lace. You can purchase small, silk rosebuds to sew or glue to the cuff for young girls.

Attach cording instead of lace to add a metallic splash to the socks. Or braid three different colors of cord together before affixing it to the socks. Decorating socks makes it easy to match them with items of your wardrobe. Or decorate one pair with each main color like yellow, red, blue, and purple for a selection of socks that will match any wardrobe piece.

Turn the cuff of the socks down and glue a small applique to the sock. Applique are available in styles for babies, teens, or women. Try an anchor, a teddy bear, a dolphin, or even a baby rattle. It’s not necessary to put only one embellishment on the outside of the cuff. You can place them all the way around the cuff, or one only in the front. Fold a piece of wax paper and place it in between the cuff and the sock to prevent the glue from seeping through.

Just eliminate the glue, lace, ribbons and such and go with a quick tie-dye job. Squirt dyes are now available which make it very easy to dye the socks. Simply lay them on plastic or newspaper and squirt as much or as little dye as desired. Tie the socks or just lay them out flat before dying.

Fabric remnants from your home sewing kit can perk up ordinary socks. Cut the fabric in a strip, hem both sides and glue or stitch the strip all the way around the folded cuff. Or cut letter shapes to represent a child’s name and affix them to the socks, outlining them in brilliant fabric paints.

Decorate the edge of the cuff with rhinestones that now come in shapes of diamonds, crosses, triangles, and more. Although some of these have an adhesive backing, they’ll come undone with laundering, so put a dot of fabric glue on the back of each one to keep it affixed to the sock.

Fabric paints work well for decorating socks and even the kids can get in on the project. Simply draw or spell onto the socks and set aside to dry. The paints are available in day-glow, pearl, metallic, and glitter. There’s even a puffy-type of paint that swells as it dries to give the embellishment dimension.

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