How to decorate a wallet

How to decorate a wallet

How much something cost is usually figured by how much is done to it before you buy it. You can save a lot of money on some items by buying the merchandise before it has been enhanced, and do the embellishing yourself. Make an inexpensive wallet look like a million bucks by decorating it with additions that cost only pennies. Monogram the wallet with a brass, foam, or wooden letter. All of these are very thin and can easily be hot glued to the leather. You can get brass corner pieces and just put some brass touches on the corners of the wallet. Or, decorate the entire wallet with foam boot shapes.

With a needle and thread, you can make an interesting border along the edges of the wallet. Use a turquoise color for a southeastern look, or stitch an X pattern along the edges in multiple colors. Tiny strung beads are perfect for a girl’s or woman’s wallet. Use needle and thread to tack in between each bead, or glue the beads on with fabric glue. Or, use metallic thread to do the border in gold, silver, or bronze. If stitching is too time-consuming, use metallic markers to outline the edges instead.

Stickers or rub-ons can be used to enhance the wallet, but the leather must be very smooth, particularly when using the rub-ons. You can also purchase a small rubber stamp, like a bouquet of flowers and dip it ink before stamping the wallet. Rhinestones, too, are a fun and easy way to make your wallet look classier than when bought it. Use them to make flowers, bees, butterflies, shells, or to spell your name. Use them to outline the border of the wallet, or to put dots all over the wallet. If the wallet has tooled designs, paint the designs with metallic paint.

The wallet doesn’t have to be leather, it can be plastic, but still be crafted to look expensive. Brush on a thin layer of glitter paint all over the wallet, or glue on scrapbook letters or pictures. And, you can easily add a photo to the outside of the wallet by laminating it first, then gluing the laminate to the wallet front. The photo can be a picture of a child, your pet, or George Washington on a dollar bill.

Put wild-colored stripes on it or paint on tiny triangles, circles, and squares. You can buy handheld punches to punch out foil shapes like hearts, stars or moons, and then glue them on the wallet. You can combine decorating techniques, like putting foil punch-outs on the wallet, then lacing the edges with metallic thread. Or, attaching a bronze monogram, then affixing the strung beads around the border.

If you have an old wallet that is a little worse for wear, perk it up with metallic tape. Metallic tape is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors, like red, green, gold or silver. Start at one corner of the wallet, on the edge, and begin wrapping the tape around the leather until it is completely covered. Or, just use the metallic tape to add metallic stripes to the wallet. If your wallet has a snap, you can do something as subtle as putting glitter glue on the snap, or using a large rhinestone or small sticker to adhere to the snap.

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