How to decorate a cake

How to decorate a cake

There is a definite difference between just frosting a cake and decorating a cake to make it look like it just arrived freshly made from the bakery! In this article, you will learn some basic decorating tips that will help your cakes look like they were decorated by a professional!

First,bake your cake by following your own favorite recipe or by using a store-bought cake mix. You will want to bake so the cake so it comes out as even on the top as possible. Check it after the first twenty minutes of baking. If it is lopsided, rotate the pan around. This might even the cake out.

Second, let the cake cool completely a day or so before decorating it. While it might feel cool to the touch on the outside, it is still warm on the inside for several hours after it is removed from the oven heat.You don’t want your frosting to melt or become runny from the heat.

Third, if your cake turns out to be lopsided after all, simply use a sharp knife to cut off any unevenness on the top.

Fourth, choose an icing recipe or use store-bought icing for the base layer. Gently ice the cake making sure not to get any crumbs on your knife. Smooth out any thick spots and smooth the surface again.

Fifth, you will need a good recipe for a stiff, homemade cake frosting which can be used for cake decorating and which can be thinned down. You will need plenty of frosting. You will also need food coloring or icing coloring to tint your frosting.

Sixth- now you will need an icing bag along with whatever tips you will need to make the desired shapes. There are bag tips you can buy which will make stars, rosettes, flowers, rose petals,etc. Let’s say, for example, that you want to decorate your cake with stars.

Seventh-Place the star-making tip on the icing bag. Remove one cup of the icing from the container and thin it according to the recipe’s directions. The icing will need to be thick enough to hold its shape, but thin enough to pass through the bag smoothly. Fill the bag with the icing. It might be a good idea to practice on a piece of wax paper before you start on the cake.

Hold the bag vertically and use a gentle, steady pressure to squeeze the icing out through the tip in one long stroke. Squeeze until the count of three and stop. Lift the bag up and away from the star. If the star is less than perfect, then try again. If it looks perfect, then falls apart, your icing is too thin and needs to be thickened. As they say, practice makes perfect, so keep trying to make your perfect star decoration.

Eighth- You may make the stars all one color, or you can change the colors of each one if you want. Just remember to do everything in one color at a time. That is, if you want red, white and blue stars along with red roses, then do all of the red work first, for example, before you have to change the icing in the bag to another color. Make the red stars and the red roses before changing colors. This wil save you extra time and work.

With a little time and patience and the necessary tools, you can amaze your family and friends with your own decorated works of art!

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