How to decorate a cake with rice paper

How to decorate a cake with rice paper

You’ll probably be surprised to find out that rice paper, which is also known as wafer paper, actually isn’t made from rice at all. It’s made from potato starch, water, and vegetable oil, and it is perfectly edible; it is also Kosher to eat. Rice paper usually comes in eight-inch by eleven-inch sheets that are very thin. It can be purchased at your local cake decorating supply store.

Rice paper is most commonly used to decorate a cake, and it can be used in various ways. The first way is to bake and ice your cake. Then, lay a sheet of the paper down on a hard, flat work surface. Rice paper has two sides, a smooth and a rough side. You’ll need to make sure the smooth side is up right now. The next step is to use a food coloring pen, (also available at your local cake decorating supply store), to draw an outline of a design or an object. Now, use a clean hobby knife to carefully cut out your design or object.

In order to make the rice paper stick to the cake you are going to decorate, you need to use some clear gel. Carefully cover the bottom (the rough side) of the paper evenly with a layer of clear, edible gel. Then, turn the rice paper over and position it on top of the iced cake. Finally, use additional gels, tubes of icing, et cetera, to outline and finish the design. If you want to attach small candies, marshmallows, and the like, on the top of the rice paper, use some additional clear gel.

The rice paper should disintegrate after a short time of being on top of the cake, but even if it doesn’t completely disappear, don’t worry! It is completely tasteless and odorless, so it won’t be detected.

Another way you can use rice paper is to decorate an unfrosted cake. To do this, bake your cake, then stick it into a freezer for about fifteen minutes. This will keep the rice paper from sticking to the top of your cake. Take a sheet of rice paper and carefully draw a design or an object on its smooth side by lightly using a food coloring pen. Then, carefully cut the inside of the design or object out of the paper with a clean hobby knife. Now, you have made a stencil that you can use to decorate your cake.

Remove your cake from the freezer and position the rice paper stencil on top of the cake. Dust the inside of the stencil with powdered sugar, powdered cocoa, ground cinnamon, or anything else granular that you may desire. Be careful to only dust the inside of the stencil; don’t spill anything on the outside of the rice paper stencil. When you are finished, carefully remove the stencil, and your cake is decorated and ready to serve.

You can also use rice paper to make actual decorations for your cake. If you want, for example, leaves on top of your cake, you can make them out of the paper. To do this, you will first need to take a sheet of rice paper and make several outlines of leaves on it. Use a food coloring pen for this purpose. You can also fill the insides of the leaves in with a food coloring pen too.

Then, use a clean hobby knife to cut the leaves out of the paper. Now, you can hold them by using a pair of tongs over some light steam until the leaves curl. Be careful not to hold them over the steam too long, or they will dissolve. Finally, carefully place the leaves on top of your cake, and then finish decorating it as you desire. You can add other objects cut out of rice paper to your cake, such as flowers, trees, numbers, letters, and animals.


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