How to declutter your closet

declutter your closet

Does your heart fill with fear upon entering your closet? Do you actually hope nothing hits you on the head and knocks you out when you open your closet door? Does your closet give new meaning to the word clutter? If you answered yes to any of these questions then it is probably high time you took steps to unclutter your closet. Sure you could leave it the way it is and simply avoid entering it again, but wouldn’t it be nice to not have any rooms in your home that you fear going into? Here are some essential steps to unclutter your cluttered closet.

  • You will need an impartial party present. Why do you need to invite your friend or family member over to help you unclutter your closet? Other than having them pull boxes and old clothes off the high shelf that you could never reach, an impartial person will be able to bluntly tell you that those leg warmers you have been hoarding since the early 1980s have got to go. If you are a self-proclaimed packrat, it will be hard for you to get rid of or trash any of the items in your closet. After all, all those items are in your closet for a reason. The impartial friend or family member will hopefully be able to rationalize away any reasons you may have for keeping the slinky toy from your youth or the pants that are four sizes too small that you have been saying you will eventually fit into.
  • You will need three separate boxes that are marked Closet, Trash,, and Donation. Anything that you want to keep in the closet will be put in the Closet box. Anything that you have absolutely no use for and that nobody else would have any use for will go into the Trash box. Old clothes or used items will go into the Donation box and taken to Goodwill or the Salvation Army after you unclutter your closet.
  • Do not sit around getting nostalgic. The number one reason it takes so long to unclutter a closet is that you will start to sit around and read old notes or get nostalgic over a box of old pictures. When cleaning out the closet, promise yourself you will not stop to sit down and reminisce over old items
  • You must be firm with yourself. Sure, you have been a packrat forever, but now is the time to say no to your old packrat ways. One hard-fast rule many organizers go by is if you haven’t used, seen or worn a certain item in your closet for the past year, you probably will never need it. That old sweater with the hole on the sleeve that you have been promising you will fix for the past two years probably needs to go into your Donation box and get sent off.
  • Invest in storage bins. Your local stores will have some inexpensive plastic storage bins that you can use to de-clutter your closet. If your shoes are jumbled in a heap on the floor, put them in their respective shoe boxes or use some of the storage bins. If you have photographs strewn out amongst different boxes or containers, buy one large plastic storage box and put them all in one box. Group like items together and box them up and your closet will begin to look great in no time.
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