How to deal with infantile colic

How to deal with infantile colic

Having a colic baby can put a lot of strain on parents besides having to deal with a newborn baby, which is in itself work.

They have to take care of a baby that cries all the time. Many people think that if their baby cries off and on that their baby has colic but babies who are colic cry all the time without even stopping in between each cry to take a breath. The worst part about a colicky baby is that everything a parent does to calm the baby doesn’t seem to help much.

There are reasons why a baby has colic. If a mom breastfeeds the baby it could just be that the baby is getting gassy from the foods the mother is eating. Some examples of these types of foods are cabbage, caffeine and chocolate. Sometimes just by a mother changing her diet is enough to help. If the baby is being formula fed it might just be a case of changing the brand of formula being used or changing to a bottle especially made to help with realiving gas in babies.

But unfortunately it’s not as simple as this in helping to soothe a colic baby. Sometimes a parent has to keep trying new methods to see what works for their baby. Just staying patient will help when dealing with a colic baby.

There’re some things as parents we can do to soothe a colicky baby. You could try to pick the baby up and cuddle them. The thing to remember is that you can never spoil a baby by holding them too much.

Sometimes if you lay the baby on its back this will help reduce intestinal gas and will end up soothing the baby. If this position doesn’t work keep trying new positions until you find one that works for your baby. Riding in a car or placing the baby in a baby swing helps because some colicky babies just like to be kept moving. Keep a colicky baby in the dark when feeding them rather than a lighted room. Singing softly to a baby can help because babies like to hear soothing sounds.

Sticking to a same routine when taking care of a colicky baby will help, because the baby will be kept on the same schedule everyday. You can also try to give the baby some anti-gas drops which can purchased off the shelf of any store. This will help with any gas bubbles the baby has.

Parents should also take care of themselves by taking breaks away from the baby: dealing with a colic baby can be really stressful. The good news is colic in baby ends around four months.

Hopefully, if your baby is colic some of these suggestions I offered will help but if not the main thing is to stay calm and give yourself a break if you have to, so you can deal with the situation better.


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