How to Dance at a Club

No matter what your age,

it’s easy to feel a little nervous at the prospect of visiting a nightclub for the first time, or even just the first time in a while. Try as you might hang out on the sidelines, you will likely find yourself pressured to get up and dance. Keeping a few basic tips in mind will help you navigate the dance floor with confidence and without embarrassment.

First and foremost, keep it low-key. Sometimes people who feel out of their element in an environment such as a nightclub tend to overcompensate. Whether you’re at a two-stepping country spot or an urban nightclub featuring the latest beats, the one thing you have to keep in mind is, don’t draw too much attention to yourself by flailing around mindlessly and declaring, I can’t dance at all, haha!

Instead, stay on the sidelines for a while and observe the dancers before attempting to join them. Every nightclub has its own style of dance, depending on the makeup of the crowd and the featured musical genre. Don’t just concentrate on watching the slick movers who dominate the middle of the floor. Instead, pay special attention to the dancers who appear more laid back and casual. That way, you can use them as a realistic example for yourself.

Also notice details such as:

Are people dancing in clearly defined pairs, or are they mingling together more casually and freely? How close are the dancers to each other? Do their movements appear carefully considered or are they more spontaneous? Incorporate your observations into your own dance moves.

If you are really not the dancing type but don’t want to be left out of the fun, you can probably keep your motion to a minimum while still participating with your friends or pleasing your date. In fact, most popular nightclubs are so crowded that dancers often find themselves with little space to call their own, and their movements are quite restricted by the press of bodies around them. In such cases, simply moving in time with the beat and nodding your head may suffice. Let your more confident friends take the spotlight, and enjoy watching them show off their moves.

If you’re a more daring sort, by all means, dive right into the fray, but never forget your manners. Always be mindful of your movements as they impact those around you a flailing elbow or carelessly placed spike heel can easily cause hurt feelings or even injury. Keep your movements small, especially if you’re not used to dancing in a more crowded space.

Never bring drinks or cigarettes onto the dance floor. Not only are they cumbersome distractions, but they can also actually cause accidents and injuries to occur. It’s one thing to appear slightly inexperienced as a dancer. It’s quite another to set someone’s hair on fire or cause someone to slip on a spilled drink.

One last thing to keep in mind is, No parking on the dance floor. That is, do not stand around on the dance floor if you aren’t moving it’s very annoying to others. With these tips in mind, you should be able to relax and enjoy your night out!


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