How to cut your own hair with scissors

How to cut your own hair with scissors

A scruffy vagabond look may be hip, but that haircut needs to be maintained. With these golden tips, you can cut your hair yourself.

Nothing is better than a trusted hairdresser or hairdresser who knows how to cut your hair. Put your feet up and let the professional do his job. Today this is difficult. Hairdressers are closed or in case they are allowed to open again, busy. Time to take the scissors into your own hands (of course you can also use clippers ), but by being careful … We don’t want fails like the ones that were common on TikTok last year.

Cut your hair yourself

You have no hairdressing training so please be aware that this is a risky business. Play it safe and don’t try a totally new look. Think carefully about what exactly you want to do: just the dots, color it, cut a fringe? You can make decisions based on this. Also, make sure you have good scissors. One intended for cardboard won’t work as well for cutting your hair yourself. In addition, you can buy good hairdressing scissors for €20.

Wash Your Hair (Don’t)

A traditional haircut starts with your derrière in the hairdresser’s chair and your head in the sink. Cutting on wet hair is easier. You can wash it and put care products in it afterward. Great for those born with straight locks. Do you have curls or tangles? Then you know this all too well: wet hair that is cut is completely different when it is dry! If you don’t want to take any risks, cut your hair dry. This is a bit more difficult, but the result is often much better.

Lift the top part of your hair

Use hair clips and elastic bands to pin up a section depending on the thickness and amount of your hair. This way you can work structurally while cutting. Just like the hairdresser does. Let the part that you cut first hang loose. When you’re done with this, loosen some more hair and cut this layer. Layer by layer you cut your hair yourself.

Decide where you want to cut

Are you planning to trim only the split ends? Then of course you have to know where they come from. Inspect the end of your hair. The part that is dull and fluffy is split. Cut up to six millimeters higher than where your hair is damaged. That way you definitely have the dead spots. Are you going for shorter than the split ends? Then determine with your fingers exactly how much you want to get off. Make sure your hair is not curled while you measure this. If you cut on wet hair, keep in mind that it will be shorter when it dries. And don’t forget: it’s gone. What the scissors do is irreversible, but you can of course trim it afterward.

Keep your fingers just above the scissors

Make sure there is a little tension on your fingers, and that you hold the scissors just below. Also, keep the strand of hair still while you cut. This way you ensure that you keep the same length in all places. If you feel confident, you can of course freestyle. No one can stop you from experimenting with layers.

Check if everything is cut evenly

After cutting, check carefully whether you have cut all the pieces the same length. One side is longer than the other, that’s driving me crazy. So grab a thick lock of hair on either side of your face and compare the two sides. Do they fall in the same place on your shoulders or just above it? Ideal. If not, trim the uneven piece a bit. Check layer after layer.

Enjoy your new hair and skills!

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