How to fix a bad layered haircut

How to cut uneven layered hair

A layered haircut is something that is always in style.

Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, layering your cut will give you texture and dimension.

With a short haircut, cutting it with layers will give you a punky, edgy look. You can spike it, or put some pomade or gel in it and shape it however you want.

For a trendy hairstyle, you can start with chin-length hair and your hairdresser can make it blunt cut, or layered, or ear-length, so it just barely tucks behind your ears.

Medium and long hair has a lot of potential when it comes to layering. Adding many layers will create a lot of volume. This is great if you have fine or very straight hair. It is best for medium length hair as all the layers will give the cut added dimension.

With beyond shoulder-length or mid-back length hair, the layers should be longer. This is a great look and will create added volume and texture. Adding a nice flip with a round brush and blow dryer makes for a low-maintenance hair style.

If your hair is wavy and has a little bit of texture to it, adding layers will let you do a lot with your hair. You can straighten it by blowing it out or curling the ends under. You can also wear it wavy; just make sure you add the product to your hair to style it and control the fly-aways.

If your hair is curly, it will give shape to your hair if cut properly. You need to find a stylist that is experienced with trimming and cutting curly hair. All hair is not alike.

Having layers put in your hair should depend on your face shape and hair length, as well as your texture and thickness, should be taken into consideration. Framing your face with the layers will most likely make your face look fuller. The thickness of hair is oftentimes overlooked during a haircut. If you have fine or thin hair, then this is something you don’t need to worry about.

However, those of you with curly or thick hair need to ask your hairdresser to thin out the weight of your hair in your crown. This can be a thick area that causes a lot of unnecessary weight on your neck. It makes your hair that much is easier to style without all that added hair.

Another thing to add dimension to uneven, layered hair is to have your hair colored. You have many options when it comes to coloring your layers. Whether you go for subtle effects such as an all-over color, or more deliberate chunking, or streaking, the color will definitely give your uneven-do a kick. You can even give a new color a try with temporary color solutions, found at any drugstore. This will allow you to experiment with your cut, before making the commitment of all-over professional color.

Whether your hair is short, long, wavy, fine, curly, or thick, you have many options when deciding on a haircut. To help you make the best decision, visit a reputable hair salon, and they can assist you in making the best decision for your hair type, and for functionality.

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