How to cut bangs

If the fact that you stayed too long in quarantine is reminded of hair stubbornly climbing into your eyes, then you need to decide on a small transformation. Making yourself a bob-square and other complex hairstyles is quite problematic, but cutting bangs is easier than easy. But this case also needs to be approached wisely.

Here we will tell you not only how to cut bangs, but also what shape to choose for it. After all, the front part of the head of the hair is the decisive touch of the whole image. Bangs can increase the forehead, around the face, rejuvenate and even shorten the nose. Visually, of course, but this is the main thing. However, incorrectly chosen bangs can ruin the best and most stylish hairstyle. (Read: How to grow out bangs)How do I choose it?

How to cut bangs

What are bangs?

Stylists have come up with a lot of names for this frontal area of the hairstyle-French, Korean… But the essence of this does not change. Bangs vary:

  • by the shape of the cut – straight, oblique, asymmetrical, with elongation/shortening on the sides;
  • by length-we select the hair growing above the forehead under the bangs, or we separate the area from the crown itself and cut the strands in the middle of the forehead or under the eyebrows;
  • by density – you need to either mill your bangs or not;
  • by edging – whether you want a smooth, clear cut or graduated strands that increase the volume of your hair.

Often you can hear the opinion that bangs do not go to everyone. It’s not true! It is only important to choose it skillfully. What should I consider when doing this? First of all, the shape of the face. But other factors are also important:

  • what do you want to focus on in the image-eyes/nose/lips/cheekbones;
  • hair density;
  • hair color;
  • structure of curls (straight or curly).

Before you cut your bangs, you need to think through their shape in order to present yourself favorably and hide your flaws. We’ll give you some tips below.

What you need to cut your bangs

Let’s prepare the tools. Not everyone has professional barber scissors at home. Well, in extreme conditions, which include self-isolation, office supplies are also suitable. But not manicure ones! For some bangs (Korean, for example), thinning the hair is necessary. We will explain how to make it without professional thinning scissors.

Before cutting bangs at home, the hair must be washed so that the strands lie naturally. Some stylists advise only slightly blotting your head with a towel. They say that wet hair is easier to cut: they do not fluff up, and you can outline the cut line. Other hairdressers warn that when the strands dry, they will become shorter. That is, you need to cut wet hair just below the desired length.

We will also need clips or hairpins to separate the bangs from the rest of the hair. Do not do without frequent combing. It is desirable that it has a thin and long stalk to separate the desired strands.

Trim your bangs

Let’s start with the simplest one. Let’s say you have bangs in your hair, but it’s too long. In this case, you already have a shape, a certain pattern that you need to match.

  1. Brush your wet hair and separate the bangs.
  2. Remove the remaining curls from the face so that they do not interfere, and secure them with clips.
  3. To trim your bangs, once again brush them the way you normally wear them.
  4. Determine by eye how much you want to cut. Start from the middle of the forehead, moving first to one temple, and then to the other. Try not to cut off the entire length at once.
  5. After completing the haircut, then you can eliminate the “shoals” by walking with scissors a second time.

How to trim bangs yourself. General recommendations for the form

It just so happens that the ideal face shape is an oval. Therefore, the task of those girls who are endowed by nature with a moon-faced appearance, as well as triangular, pear-shaped, square, diamond-shaped, and others, is to bring their face as close as possible with bangs to the oval.

How does it work? Long bangs from the very top of the head can shorten the face. Asymmetrical, slanting curls that run down from one side to the earlobe and below will hide a square chin or prominent cheekbones. A short bangs lengthen the face. The shape of the front zone of the hairstyle is no less important than the length. “Curtains” lengthen the face, and the “arch” shortens it.

Straight bangs

The name speaks for itself. In this form, it is important to keep a clear cut line. That is, such bangs do not need milling. This form is not suitable for moon-faced girls and those who have narrow chins and a wide forehead. But a straight bang, especially long, starting from the top of the head, will adorn long-faced women. In addition, it will visually reduce the nose.

You should also remember about the main hairstyle. With long and even hair, a straight bang should not be combined – the image will be too dull. But it is perfect for a square on the leg.

How to cut your own bangs exactly? The straight form is considered by hairdressers to be the simplest in terms of execution technique:

  1. Brush your wet bangs.
  2. Keep the scissors strictly horizontal. Walk through your hair, focusing on the brow line.

The length is at your discretion. Straight bangs just below the eyebrows – for an elongated oval and “pear”; to the middle of the forehead – for chubby people. This shape should be avoided by those who have a square, triangular or diamond-shaped face.

Graduated bangs

This shape allows you to add volume to sparse hair. You can make bangs – “arch” or “curtains”:

  • We capture the lower part of the hair that is reserved for the bangs in a tourniquet.
  • We pull it down to the nose and cut it off.
  • We do the same with the top layers of bangs. Align to the bottom line of the slice.

The flagella, unfolding, form an even section in the form of an arch. If you divide it with a parting, you will get “curtains”.

Cutting curls

Curly-haired girls have a hard time. After all, even wet curls do not want to lie flat. How to properly cut bangs at home for such girls? The technique is actually very simple. The main thing is that your hair should be dry:

  1. We collect all the bangs in the palm of your hand.
  2. We fold it into one bundle, strongly pulling the strand down.
  3. Curly hair is very dense and elastic. When the tourniquet is released, they will “jump up”. So you need to cut 1-2 centimeters below the planned length.

You won’t get a straight line, but you don’t need it – you won’t see it on your curls anyway.

How to cut oblique ragged bangs

This shape of the facial area of the hairstyle is just salvation for a round, square, diamond-shaped, triangular face and a too elongated oval. The whole question is how long such a bang should be. A girl with a diamond-shaped face-up to the middle of the cheekbone. For a square or rectangle, we recommend wearing oblique ragged bangs with an elongated square or bob. For a triangle – up to the earlobe.

How to cut your bangs so that they go down at an even angle?

  1. Style your hair the way you will wear it. If the hairstyle requires it, separate them with a parting.
  2. Start cutting from the shortest place. Bangs should start at the level of the eyebrows, not lower (maybe higher).
  3. We divide the hair into strands of equal width.
  4. We grab them between the index and middle finger, determining the angle of inclination. We cut it off.
  5. Since we do not have thinning shears, we proceed as follows. We grab a strand of hair a centimeter wide, fold it into a flagellum sticking up. Scissors should be held with the point down.
  6. We make three shallow incisions on the tip of the tourniquet.
  7. Let your hair down. We do the same with the following strands.

This technique allows you to achieve not an even, but a “torn” cut, which gives the image femininity and style.

French and Korean bangs

This is a hit of recent seasons. They are characterized by the fact that a significant part of the hair growing from the crown itself is separated for bangs. This form is suitable only for girls with thick and even hair. But by adjusting the cut, you can adapt Korean and French bangs to fit any face.

Lunolikim will suit a shorter zone. Girls with long faces need to bring bangs to the level of the eyebrows and below. An oblique cut will help soften a square chin.

How to cut bangs in French?

  1. We comb the hair from the top of the head forward with a drawcord.
  2. We start with the temporal zone. Holding the scissors at a slight angle, gradually move to the middle.
  3. From the bridge of the nose, move the tilt level.
  4. We move to the other temple, observing the same degree of angle.

Korean bangs differ from French only by milling. After the haircut, we twist the strands with flagella and thin out the tips with scissors, making several shallow cuts.

Well, will you try to get a haircut yourself?

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