How to cut a flat top haircut

How to cut a flat top haircut

The flat-top hair cut is like the Buzz Cut in that the hair is trimmed across the whole head, yet the top is adjusted rather than straightened. This hair cut is a decent decision for military, police, competitors, or any individual who needs a short, low-upkeep hair cut (yet one with somewhat more personal than a solitary length hair cut). Trimming a flattop requires a consistent hand and a decent eye, however, it’s really a really simple hair cut to dominate. Perceive how to make it happen.


Prior to trimming a flat top, it is essential to evaluate the customer’s hair and face shape. Assuming the customer has wavy or exceptionally wavy hair, a solid forward development design, a low brow line, a sharp head shape, or different inconsistencies, then, at that point, a flat end may not be a decent choice.

A flattop may likewise not be a decent cut for somebody who is searching for an absolutely lighthearted style. A flattop regularly requires everyday use of gel or wax (and frequently the dryer), just as continuous hairstyles to keep it looking spotless. For a flattop, I prescribe slicing it once every half a month to keep it in shape.


In the first place, pin the hair near the head on the sides and back. Keep the trimmer moored to the scalp until past the shape of the head and proceed upwards – trimmer development ought to be opposite to the floor.

At the point when the early advantages gather together, the trimmer will proceed far up into the clouds from the scalp. Recollect not to adjust the sides a lot as the accentuation in this hairstyle is evening out. Proceed around the sides and back until wrapped up.

Tip: I frequently think that it is more straightforward to trim the sides and back of a flattop utilizing a #1 edge on the trimmer – this will leave the hair roughly a similar length as when trimming a brush that is flat on the scalp (which will prove to be useful while interfacing the sides to the top as trained beneath).


Apply a fitting gel (like Matrix for Men EnerGel) and dry the hair on the top and back, ensuring it is pretty much as straight as could be expected. Then, at that point, embed a brush before the stature you would like from the top and trim the hair over the brush.

While embedding the brush, don’t drive the hair back as this will make a lopsided trim. The customer’s head should be totally straight and the brush should be corresponding to the floor. Then, at that point, involving the front area as an aide, freehand cut a strip down the focal point of the head (it could be useful to utilize a safeguard on the trimmer during this progression).

This slice ought to be corresponding to the floor. The hair will be more limited towards the crown. The client will be left with two longer fixes on each side of the newly cut strip (the more limited, currently cut part should resemble a ‘T’). Then, at that point, freehand cut these regions so they are flush with the center strip.

Tip: When cutting a flattop, I’ve observed the Oster Master Flattop Comb is the most flawlessly awesome look-over for the gig.


Embed a wide, flat brush against the rear of the head and eliminate any hair that sticks out (the brush ought to be opposite to the floor). Do whatever it takes not to shift the brush excessively far towards the focal point of the head.

Pursue this one around the whole edge of the top. The crown region ought to be adjusted to fit the state of the head. Once more, attempt to allow your hair to fall normally into the brush, without guiding it to an extreme. This will assist with staying away from lines in the hairstyle.

Wrapping up

Delicately shower your hair with water and dry it once more. This will uncover any odd pieces that might have been missed. Remain behind the customer and request that they look into it, then, at that point, gradually peer down while really taking a look at the cut in the mirror.

There ought to be no lopsided spots when seen from any point. When the top is point by point, dainty the neck area and makes a line around the ears with a trimmer.

For: If you’re wearing a dull shirt, set on a white shirt or hold a white towel behind the customer’s head. This will give a better difference to see every one of the unusual spots that should be finished up.


Contingent upon the customer’s hair type, a flattop might require no styling by any means or just a light utilization of gel or wax. Just apply the item and brush your hair up and towards the focal point of your head. For an obstinate development design, a hairdryer can be utilized to set the style set up.