How to curl your hair with a curling iron for beginners

How to curl your hair with a curling iron for beginners

If you’re like most women,

the easiest way to get luscious curls is the way to go. That’s why curling irons are such a fabulous invention. Plug them in, heat them up, curl the locks, and beautiful curls are yours for the day.

What could be easier just before work or before going out for the evening? Just make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before trying to curl it, or what looks like a fabulous lock will go straight as a board when you brush it.

Plug the curling iron and get it hot – usually about 10-15 minutes. If the iron is plugged in for less time, it might not be hot enough to set the curls, but if it’s too hot, it could burn hair. Curling irons are dangerous when placed on bedspreads, toilet lid covers and other surfaces. The best place to put the iron is on a ceramic plate or a piece of foil on the counter.

After thoroughly brushing or combing hair, separate the hair into sections for curling. Use clips to clip each section apart from the others. After clipping the separate sections, unclip one section, at the lower back part of the head and re-brush.

Push the lever on the handle of the curling iron to open a clip in which to place the ends of the hair, then begin twisting the curling iron, around the hair. If the curling iron doesn’t have this feature, simply wrap the ends of the hair around the iron once, then begin twirling the iron upwards, while wrapping up the hair.

When first wrapping the ends of the iron around the hair, be careful not to touch the hot iron. Wrap the ends once, then barely holding the ends, begin twirling the iron upwards, allowing the very ends to twirl up amongst the rest of the hair. Hold the iron, with the hair wrapped around it, up next to the scalp until you can feel the heat come all the way through the hair.

When this happens, leave on a few extra seconds, then unwind the iron from the hair. Place clip in curl, next to scalp. Unclip the next section of hair, curl in the same manner as the first, then clip it to the first section of hair. Continue with the other curls, beginning with the lower back and going up to the upper back portion of the hair, then coming around to the sides, and finally, the front.

The above method works for many styles, but for very short hair, twirl the curling iron to where the hair curls under.

Bangs should be done in two or three sections, curling under. Or if they’re feathered, split them in half, begin with the longest piece and start wrapping the curling iron from the side of the head, over towards the temple area. As you do, feed the smaller pieces of the bangs into the curling iron.

To hold the curls better, spray them before you comb them out and let it dry completely. Style as usual, then spray again. You can also use setting gel or curling gel to put on the hair before curling.

To hold the curls better
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