How to create your own golf themed bed linens

How to create your own golf themed bed linens

The problem with doing a room in a particular theme, with matching and coordinating decor, is that some themes are never considered by the manufacturers of such decor. If you love zebras, for instance, you can bet you’ll only find lions, tigers, and maybe bears. It seems that the one theme you really want is totally obscure. That’s when it becomes handy to create your own decor theme, which is surprisingly inexpensive and easy.

Turn normal sheets into golfing sheets by simply choosing just the right solid shade of sheets – green, of course – and making your own golf print on the sheets. Paint the dips of a golf ball, or use a rubber stamp to make golf balls along the top edge of the sheets. Then paint black tees between the golf balls, at different angles. A solid green comforter can be done in the same manner, alternating the golf ball and the tee prints. To make the comforter, align two pre-washed sheets with right sides together, and cut a pre-washed blanket to fit the size of the sheets.

Stack a sheet, another sheet, and then the blanket, then sew a few inches from the corner of the bottom to the corner, up to one side, across the top, down the opposite side, and a few inches past the corner on the bottom. This leaves an opening to turn the comforter. Turn the comforter and sew closed at the bottom. Tack the comforter at various places to hold the two sheets together. In place of the blanket, you can sew the two sheets together, then stuff with fiber-fill or cotton. Tack at several places to hold secure.

A flat sheet can be easily made into a set of curtains. Most flat sheets have a hem on each end, making it super simple to just slide the sheet on a rod. The sheet can be split up the middle, lengthways, then lace can be used to line the raw edges. For a large window, purchase two flat sheets and hang the set. Use black rope or cord tie-backs on the curtains, with novelty golf balls hanging from the ropes.

Alternate the color scheme by using white sheets with green trim for the curtains, and having a green comforter with white trim, or vice-versa. Use the golf balls and tee theme to match the comforter and sheets, or use a related theme, like triangular flags, all over the curtains. The flags can be cut from cloth or stamped on. To relate to the comforter, stamp the tees and balls along the hem of the curtains.

Instead of golf balls, flags and tees, you can simply use golf-related colors to decorate the room, then enhance the look by setting golf-related items around the room. Use white or black rope on the upper edge of sheets and to border the pillowcases.

The rope can be simply stitched on by pushing the needle through the underside of the sheet, up over the edge of the sheet, across the rope, then back to the underside. Do this all along the edge until the cord is attached. Although a little more time-consuming, a great look for the linens is to stencil on the golf balls, flags, tees and numbers to represent the holes, then embroidery the images.

Enhance the linens by adding other golf-themed items around the room, like a golf ball paperweight, glue tees around the borders of lamps, frame a flag to hang on the wall, or lay golf-course-green carpet, then do the linens in the coordinating colors.


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