How to Create your own abstract artwork

How to Create your own abstract artwork

Displaying art in your home can give any room a wonderful feel of opulence and sophistication. It can also empty your pocketbook. Here are instructions for some simple abstract art pieces you can make yourself.

Mondrian (Piet Mondrian) influenced art is very easy to simulate. It is made up of vertical and horizontal lines and large blocks of color. To create your own masterpiece, start with a plain white canvas of any size. Using a pencil and yardstick, make a grid pattern on your canvas. The next step is to paint the lines black. Each line should be at least ½ inch or wider. Paint in the remaining squares in yellow, red, and blue (primary colors). Leave some of the blocks white.

Geometric abstract art is also very easy to create. Simply draw a series of shapes randomly on your canvas. You can choose to use all one shape or a combination of several shapes. Make sure your shapes overlap so that very little background area is left untouched. Next, fill in each area that has been created by the overlapping shapes. Use your colors randomly. This technique works well in muted color tones (color mixed with black). It also works well with watercolors.

If you want to have a great deal of fun while creating your art, then you should create a splatter painting. This is an incredibly messy and lighthearted way of creating art. It is so much fun, that you may want to invite a few friends over to help. You will want to protect the area in which you are painting by laying down drop cloths and tarps. You can use a canvas of any size, although you may want to start with a small one for practice. Since you are making it for your home, you might as well choose paints that coordinate with your home.

Once you have your paints ready, dip your paintbrushes into the paint and then splash paint on the canvas by shaking the brush over it. You can create large globs of color or drips depending on the way you use the brush. To make small speckles, use a toothbrush or other short bristled brush and splatter paint by running your thumb across the paint covered bristles. The painting is finished when you decide it is. You can use one color, two colors, or seventeen colors. You can also limit the painting to one huge blob of color or several layers. The finished product depends on your personal taste and imagination.

If you do not like to paint, you should try creating a collage. Gather different materials like sheets of tissue paper, vellum, printed newspaper, magazine pictures, and items you wish to display like theatre tickets, menus, and programs. The best fixative you can use to apply your items to the canvas is decoupage. There are several different ways you can arrange your items. This is a good technique for displaying memorabilia. Another technique is to rip up your paper items into random shapes and haphazardly glue them to the canvas. Alternatively, you can cut your materials into shapes like houses, and clouds, and trees, and arrange them to create a scene.

Display your works of art alongside a few more expensive and even famous pieces, and no one will know you made them yourself.


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