How To Create A Stunning Flower Arrangement

How To Create A Stunning Flower Arrangement

Want to create a natural, floral masterpiece?

How about a gift basket of exquisite colors, plucked right out of your own garden? Perhaps you’ve already attempted to turn the odd bunch of flowers into an elegant floral arrangement. No matter how much you’ve tried, however, it still ends up looking like – a bunch of flowers. So, just what is the secret to artistic flower arranging?

The answer lies in following the basic principles of design as they relate to flower arranging. These are balance, contrast, proportion, and harmony. Let’s consider them one at a time.

Balance: All parts of the arrangement relate to one another. The design does not appear top-heavy. Dark colors look heavier than light ones, so it is important not to have too many dark flowers at the top of an arrangement. Symmetrical balance can be obtained by placing similar flowers on each side of the vertical center. It is often more desirable, however, to achieve asymmetrical balance, that is unequal distribution on either side of the center., but with equal visual weight. This can produce a more casual look.

Contrast: Variety can be added to the arrangement by contrasting dark with light, rough with smooth, small with large. Repetition of a particular shape or the combination of related colors creates a flowing line or rhythm which is aesthetically appealing.

Proportion: A generally accepted rule of proportion states that the arrangement should be one and a half times the size of its container. The setting of the arrangement must also be taken into account. The display area should not be too sparse or, on the opposite extreme, too cluttered for the arrangement to achieve it’s desired impact.

Harmony: All of the component parts of the arrangement should harmonize with each other. The Encyclopedia Americana describes it as ” a happy appearance of being completely in tune” – the flowers and foliage with each other and with the design: the colors harmonious and the container well selected for spirit, texture, shape, and color. A successful arrangement must also be in harmony with its surroundings.

Here are 5 additional tips to ensure your next arrangement is a success:

(1) For best results, pick the flowers a few hours before they are to be arranged.
(2) Cut the tips of the stems on an angle, put them in deep, lukewarm water and keep them in a dark, cool place until ready for use.
(3) To prevent bacterial decay, remove all foliage below the water line when you start on your arrangement.
(4) To keep flowers fresh for longer, place a lump of sugar or a spoonful of honey to each pint of water in your vase.
(5) Don’t change the water daily, but keep the level constantly topped up.

So, why not try your hand at a little flower arranging? You may just discover that you have the right touch – the touch that can transform a bunch of flowers into an eye-catching work of art.

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