How to Create a Shadow Box

How to Create a Shadow Box

A shadow box is an ideal way to create the perfect gift for the sports lover on your list. Oftentimes, pulling together a gift for someone that has varied interests, or is in absolute love with one particular sport can be quite a challenge. A shadowbox gives you the advantage of combining several smaller or medium-sized items into one perfect gift.

The first step in creating a shadow box as a gift will be deciding on what to include. Secondly, you will need to decide how the shadow box itself will be crafted. One idea to make the box as much a part of the gift as the contents includes trimming the exterior with related items. A box for a baseball fan could be made with a bat cut to make four fronts. First, cut the bat into two halves. Cut each piece into half lengthwise for four pieces.

Secure to the top sides of a box for a look that speaks volumes. A box for a fishing addict could have a reel and a few lures on two opposing corners. One for a football fanatic could have the two sides and the top painted to resemble the goalposts. The ideas for the box itself should come from whatever sport is going to be highlighted within. This works especially well if the contents are going to be on the sparse side.

Once you have the contents decided upon, and the box itself made, spend some time rearranging the contents until you have a display that pops”! Consider where you think the box will be displayed, at what height, lighting in the room, etc. For securing items in place, turn to the scrapbook market for a wide variety of adhesives that are acid-free and photo safe. If there are items that are going to be included that have collectible or sentimental value, make sure that the box will adequately protect them.

For instance, if an item is already encased in a protective cover, such as a baseball card, incorporate it as-is into the display. Do not risk using an adhesive directly on such an item. If securing something will leave marks or cause deterioration to a collectible, consider alternative methods to keep it in place, or arrange those items at the bottom of the display. The golf ball that was a lifetime hole in one’ can be set at the bottom of the display.

If it will set too low to adequately show, build up the bottom with some artificial green. The rest of the box could have the greens stub from the same day along with a photograph and the pair of gloves worn for the swing. Together, the items in the display will spark conversations about the special day for years to come.

A shadow box for your favorite young soccer player could include one of their own worn out cleats, sweatband, and a roster signed by all their school team members. Add a team picture for a memory that will last a lifetime. This idea will work well for nearly any team sport, including baseball, football, and basketball.

The convenient thing about creating a shadow box as a gift is that the sky is really the limit. Freely incorporate any personal item or sport-related item into a display that will spark a conversation or bring back memories of the gift recipient’s favorite sport for a winning gift idea.

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