How to create a glass tile bathroom wall mosaic

How to create a glass tile bathroom wall mosaic

A glass tile mosaic is actually a very practical option for a bathroom wall since it repels moisture. While it is a time-consuming project, the end result will be worth it. Read this article to decide if a glass tile mosaic on your bathroom wall is something you’d like to create.

Before you get tiling, you need to plan out your mosaic. Since this is a bathroom wall it is a fairly large canvas to work with. Not like making a little mosaic picture frame. First, you need to measure the wall where you want the mosaic. Then either draw on paper or use a computer art program to help you make a basic design of your mosaic. This means if you want a dolphin on your wall, draw one using dots or even shapes of color to mimic the mosaic look. Do this on a page size that is in scale with your wall (say you have an 8 by the 6-foot wall you could draw on an 8 by 6 inch of paper) and sketch out a dolphin in the middle.

This will help you determine the measurements of each part of the mosaic design. So get out a ruler and measure all around the dolphin. If you used the suggested scale and you have an inch of space on either side, you have a foot on each side. Measure the dolphin as well to figure out how much space it’ll take. This is important to know so you pick out the right amount of tile. Not only do you need the right amount of tile in total but also you need the right amount of tile of each color. That’s why you should use color when making your plan to help you realize how many different colors of tiles you will need.

Now you need to buy your materials. You need mortar, grout, a trowel, and of course glass tiles. You can buy pre-cut tile pieces or buy full size glass tiles to break yourself. Smash glass tile by wrapping a few at a time in a thick towel then gently hitting with a hammer. The towel keeps the pieces from flying everywhere. Wear safety glasses anyway because sometimes glass will shred through the towel and fly out the hole. This is also why you are supposed to hit the tiles gently to reduce the risk of dangerously flying tile pieces.

If you are making a picture in your mosaic, you may want to start in the center of the wall. Generally, the background is more forgiving if you happen to have planned your measurements wrong or if they change along the way because of the unpredictable nature of broken tiles. If doing a border predominate design, you may want to do that first. If doing a picture with a border around it, start with either one but then do the other leaving the fill space between for last. It’s much easier to fill last because it won’t affect the overall feel of the mosaic because it is not the focus.

To make your mosaic start by applying a patch of mortar about 6 by 6 inches if using small pieces of glass tile. If using larger pieces make a 12 by 12 area of mortar. Since making a mosaic is a long and tedious process you need to work in small batches so your mortar does not dry before you place in the glass pieces. Use a thin layer of mortar, thick enough for the glass tile to stick to but not so thick that it just slides off the vertical surface of the wall. Vertical surfaces take a little more skill than working horizontally flat because gravity adds an extra challenge. And remember to make teeth marks (or groove marks) in the mortar with your trowel so the tile will stick.

When finally finish let the mortar dry according to the instructions on the container. Then come back and apply grout. Let dry (once again according to the manufacturer’s instructions) then wipe off the tiles. Grout is very important because it will fill in the small spaces between the tiles, which also covers any sharp edges. Now take a step back and admire your beautiful artwork.

When finally finish

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