How to Create a Faux Antique Brass Finish With Paint

How to Create a Faux Antique Brass Finish With Paint

Even if your home is furnished with mostly inexpensive furniture there are certain things you can do to make various pieces look more ornate. Ordinary wood pieces can appear so much more elegant when you add brass touches to them. Something like a headboard or footboard is a good example of a piece that will look much more expensive simply by adding a large brass piece to the center of the wood. There are even some pieces that can be added to the tops of the posts on a four-post bed.

The pieces are sold in various departments of a home improvement store. In one department you can find drawer handles of brass that can be used on several different wood pieces. In another department you could find large brass letters. Look around in different departments to see what all you may be able to use to decorate your own furniture. The brass pieces can range in price from a dollar or two to over a hundred dollars.

Depending upon for what the brass ornament was originally intended the pieces will require different methods to affix them to various surfaces. For example, brass drawer knobs will require a hole to be drilled into the wood then a screw inserted in the back. A brass emblem, designed for your front door, may only require a nail or tack by which it can hang on a piece of furniture.

An ordinary bookcase is one item around your house that you can dress up by using brass. In the center of the front of the bookcase place the brass piece of your choice. Or attach a large brass set, one piece on each side. Look for something that lies fairly flat and will affix easily to the particular design of the bookcase. Brass corners are another highlight that will draw attention to the bookcase.

Directly under the fireplace mantel there is often a wooden support beam. This is the perfect place to put a large monogram of brass. Instead of a monogram select a brass shape of any sort. Or use a thin brass strip to decorate the front of the mantel board. And coffee tables or end tables that aren’t too fancy can be really dressed up by putting brass ornaments on the front or sides. Depending upon how it’s made you can also put a brass handle in the front to make it appear as though there is a drawer.

Choose a deer emblem or something you like better to affix on the top front part of a wooden rocker for a country look. Use brass pieces to perk up a desk. There are many different ways to do it. Either attach a thin strip of brass along the front edge of the desk or simply replace the drawer handles with brass ones. For a wooden magazine rack most any brass image, such as a flock of ducks, could look impressive. A wooden file cabinet, dresser or even a front door can be improved upon by simply adding brass touches.

Choose a deer emblem

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