How to create a cactus garden

How to create a cactus garden

Making a cactus garden can is a pleasurable experience for young and old alike. Cacti come in a variety of attractive shapes and colors and are not all that expensive. One can buy several varieties of cactus plants in individual small pots and repot them in a larger planter to have an attractive display that will require minimal upkeep and maximum pleasure providing you do not touch it!

Cactus gardens are perfect for people who can’t remember to take care of their plants, who go away a lot and won’t be around to water them or just for those who enjoy the great variety of shapes and colors that members of the cactus family offer. They are also the ideal plants for kids who can often forget their watering responsibilities. The one natural element cacti do need, however, is sunshine. Be sure to place your cactus garden in a sunny window, preferably facing west, south, or east.

Cacti are succulents, which means they store water in their leaves, enabling them to go for long periods without watering. The thorns and spikes you see on a cactus are its way of guarding its water supply.

There are so many varieties of cacti available now in an array of shapes and colors. When choosing cacti to go in your garden display, try to incorporate a mix of shapes, colors and sizes for the most interesting effect. The uniqueness of each one will compliment the others.

It is best to use a somewhat shallow, wide plastic pot when building your cactus garden. Plastic pots help retain the soil’s moisture content. You can buy cactus-potting medium in any garden center or use a mix of half sand and half regular potting soil. Using heavy gardening gloves or oven mitts, gently remove the cactus from its individual small pot.

Lightly tap the sides of the pot to loosen the plant and use kitchen tongs to help you ease it out. It is best to perform this operation in late winter or early spring, as that is when the cactus’ dormant period is ending. Use soil that is already a little moist but then does not water your plants for at least a week to give the roots a chance to recover.

Gently place the cactus in its desired spot in a larger pot. Lightly tamp the potting medium around the base of each plant. It is best to leave about two inches between each plant so that they have room to grow. Since cacti are so slow-growing you probably will only need to report them about once every two to three years.

Watering your cactus garden too frequently can damage and even kill your cacti. Give your cactus garden a good watering about once a month, then just leave it alone in its sunny location.

It may even bloom. Cacti can be encouraged to bloom by placing them in a cool place during the winter. Once spring comes, return them to a warmer location and most varieties will produce flowers.

The warm dry climate of most of our homes is ideal for cacti. It is quite similar to their natural desert environment.

Making a cactus garden is an easy afternoon activity. It will be a positive addition to your home as it requires little personal attention and offers maximum benefits as an interesting and attractive decorative piece.

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