How To Cover and Conceal Tattoos

How To Cover and Conceal Tattoos

Even those of us who love our body art occasionally need it or want to cover it, whether it’s for work purposes, a formal occasion, or meeting a family that might approve. Don’t be If clothes don’t suit your hidden needs, now is the time to apply makeup artistically to hide your ink.

The right product.

“Street” foundations and concealers will work to cover up younger circles and blemishes, but they will not provide full and lasting coverage of any particular product. There are several heavy-duty concealers on the market, such as Drumbland or Ben Nai Concealer Palette; These are the same products that TV and film makeup artists use to cover actor tattoos and other permanent marks (such as scars or veins).

Find a product that is completely opaque, heavy, and creamy, not one of the basics of “liquid to powder”. No product with the phrase “sheer” or “light” in the description will work for this cover-up! Most tattoos use blue ink, so a yellow concealer will help combat blue.

Also, make sure that the concealer matches your skin color perfectly. When applying body makeup, the slightest change between makeup and the tone of your skin is as obvious as the tattoo itself. If necessary, buy and mix several shades to color your skin.

You can find tattoo concealers in the cosmetic sections of large department stores. When shopping at department stores, you have the added bonus of being able to test products and receive recommendations from cosmetic consultants. If you can’t find a tattoo concealer in your area, you can always search and order online.


With body makeup, lasting coverage is essential. Many cream concealers and foundations will leave make-up marks on your clothes – or even worse, on other people’s clothes! The last thing you want after carefully hiding your tattoo is to make your makeup fade or disappear, revealing your ink. Practice with your concealer ahead of time to make sure it meets your promises.

For long-lasting results, you should start with a clean and dry foundation first. Clean your skin as usual, and then use toner to remove any traces of dirt, oil, and make-up. Rinse and dry the area. Next, follow the recommendations on your product package. Some products will require multiple layers, but others promise one-step application.

Use a clean and dry makeup sponge. First, apply the product to the area, then use a sponge to spread the concealer evenly. If you apply several coats, let each one dry completely. If possible, you’ll want to cover all exposed skin in this area.

It works well for face or hand tattoos but will also not work if you are exposing a lot of skin. If you can’t or don’t want to cover all of your skin, apply makeup carefully to the surrounding area.

When you are satisfied with the coverage, dust the area with translucent powder to bring make-up into place (some products come with a powder designed to work with this particular formula).

Then, test your makeup job by gently wiping with a cotton swab or a piece of tissue on the surface, and hopefully, your makeup won’t fade! Finally, check the coverage in several types of light: If you are in bright light you will need heavier coverage than dim light. And if all else fails, get advice from a professional makeup artist!

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