How to control anger

control anger

Anger is an emotion that can be very hard to control and difficult to acknowledge. The difficult task is learning how to manage anger in a constructive manner. In the most intense moments of anger, we as humans usually have two reactions: to fight or to run.

Some choose the option of violence, which is a negative reaction to anger, and others choose to turn around and run, some may think running is either chicken or that they are afraid. But the option of walking away and calming down is the more productive manner to handle anger. It is a difficult task to walk away especially when the heart is beating twenty miles per hour, and the adrenaline is pumping, edging you on.

There are constructive ways of handling anger in any situation. First thing you have to do is stop for that brief moment and think before you act. Take that moment and calm down if you feel yourself going to the edge.

If you are one of those people that will not admit that you’re angry or hurt and you make it appear that everything is peaches and cream, even though this may not start arguments, this is not productive anger management. You must admit you are angry and let the feelings out before you blow up, may withholding the knowledge of your anger, it just builds up inside and will eventually explode like a volcano.

There is a very important question in anger control management that we all must ask ourselves, What made me and angry? When you get the answer, look at the answer. Then ask yourself, Why did that make me angry? Researchers have recently studied human anger and the results showed than ninety-nine percent of situations where anger was not able to be controlled, the person was actually under stress and pressure from an entirely different situation, that stemmed off into the situation they were in at the time.

Heavy exercise is another way to get rid of the extra stress that can result in an uncontrollable spout of anger. This will also help improve your mood.

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