How to color resistant gray hair at home

How to color resistant gray hair effectively

As the English proverb says, in place of one gray hair, seven new ones will grow. We do not recommend checking the fidelity of folk wisdom, especially since dyeing gray hair is not a problem at all, thanks to modern means and methods for dyeing gray hair.

The time when the body stops producing hair pigments is determined by genetic factors. For some, the first gray hairs appear at the age of twenty, while others can boast of their absence even at forty. Scientists have long been investigating the causes of early graying, and pay attention to the role that stress plays in this. In some cases, the early appearance of gray hair can be provoked by diseases or medications.

A few gray hairs are almost invisible in a blonde. In brunettes, they are often striking, especially if gray hair appears in whole strands. A woman always has a choice: wear natural gray hair or paint over gray hair, because a good gray hair dye will do an excellent job of this task. We will help you choose the best way to dye your gray hair.

How to choose a color for gray hair

You can paint over gray hair by highlighting or full coloring. Gray hair dye can be permanent, semi-permanent, or tinted, without ammonia or with ammonia.

Which gray hair dye is right for you depends on the following factors:

  • amount of gray hair
  • condition and structure of hair
  • natural color to gray
  • desired shade

If you have thin and soft hair and some gray hair, then a tinted or semi-permanent gray hair dye of your type will suit you.

If the hair is very gray and hard, it is most likely that you cannot do without persistent, ammonia paint. However: in order not to load the hair once again, only regrown gray roots should be dyed with permanent paint.

If you have severely damaged hair or gray strands that grow unevenly, trust in the reliable hands of the master. A good master will be able to correctly assess the condition of the hair and know exactly how to paint over the gray hair on your hair avoiding unpleasant consequences.

Cover gray hair for blondes

Blondes do not have to worry about the appearance of the first gray hair, no one will notice them anyway. As long as the gray hair does not become too much, highlighting and tinting will perfectly cope with it.

Highlighting is best done in shades of ash blonde: this way you can hide even large areas of gray hair on your head. In addition, dyeing in blond cold shades will prevent the possible appearance of yellowness and hide gray hair at the roots. Another argument in favor of highlighting is that you do not need to dye your hair regularly.

Cover gray hair on blond hair

Means for restoring pigmentation allow you to return the natural color to the owners of light brown and light brown hair. Analogues of natural pigments penetrate the gray hair and occupy empty spaces (the hair turns gray when the production of the natural melanin pigment decreases, and voids form in its place in the hair structure). This method is not suitable for women with very light, red, and dark hair.

Cover gray hair for brunettes

Owners of dark hair have a harder time dealing with gray hair than blondes. Against the background of dark hair, white and silver strands and individual hairs immediately catch the eye.

If you are a natural brunette and you want to paint over the growing roots as little as possible, we recommend that you paint in a lighter color and use permanent paint. Persistent cream paint from Palette, for example, will not only completely cover the gray hair but also provide your hair with triple care with keratin, panthenol, and Nutri oil.

Permanent dye for gray hair

If the whole head is gray, we recommend permanent coloring – this paint paints over gray hair best. Choose a color a shade lighter than your natural (before you went gray) hair color. So you will look harmonious, and regrown roots will not contrast strongly with the tips.

Products for permanent coloring at home are very convenient to use. You can try the new ammonia-free paints with a foamy formula. Coloring gray hair with this tool will be quick and easy. Even beginners can do it. Dye for gray hair without ammonia should differ from your natural color by no more than one tone.

Paint over gray hair: intense hair tinting

If there is more gray hair, try the intensive toning procedure. This rather gentle technique can deal with gray hair if you have about half of your gray hair. Completely gray-haired owners of fine hair can also rely on intensive toning: it will reliably paint over gray hair.

Just remember that gray hair absorbs more artificial pigments, the color is more intense. Therefore, to achieve a light chestnut shade, you’d better start with a dark blonde. The disadvantage of this method is that the paint is washed off and fades with each shampooing. If you regularly tone your hair, you will be able to achieve the desired darker shade over time.

Care for dyed gray hair

Dyed hair always needs special care – especially after painting over gray hair. Gray hair dye can lose its original brilliance over time, resulting in dull-looking hair.

If you have dyed your hair in a light color, you will need special care products. Use shampoos and conditioners for blondes, they will add shine and prevent the appearance of yellowness. We also recommend the weekly use of caring hair masks that smooth the hair cuticle and help maintain the shine of dyed hair.

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