How to clean your house quickly

clean your house quickly

No one likes housework. This is an eternal fact that was true in 1768 and will be true in 2768. The fact is, in today’s society, we not only dislike housework, but we also have very little time to get it done properly. So, we buy expensive products and spend time and money, that we don’t have. That is, until today. After today and reading this article, you will be able to clean your home and have time and money for you and your family.

Only Buy What You Really Need

This is an important lesson and must be addressed first. Advertising affects everyone and we all feel that we must have the newest, latest, greatest, most improved item on the market. And we pay big bucks for these items. But do they work? Well, not always.

The only items you need to clean your home thoroughly and effectively are the following, inexpensive items:

  • Bleach .75 cents
  • Mustard .65 cents
  • Baking Soda .65 cents
  • Vinegar .75 cents
  • Cheap baby wipes 1.49 (this is the most expensive, and optional)
  • Dish soap 1.49 (Ajax is the cheapest and most effective for the money)

That’s it. These items will clean everything, and they will do so quickly and beautifully. So, I know you can’t wait to ask, what in the world is the mustard for? But let’s discuss these items in an order, first.

Bleach is a staple of most American homes, so it may seem silly to mention it to you here. But, some people are not aware that bleach is for more than laundry. The next time you go to the store, read the labels on some of the more expensive toilet cleaners, kitchen cleaners, shower cleaners or cabinet degreasers.

They will all have bleach (The good ones, anyway.) So cut out the middle man and use the bleach yourself. Buy an inexpensive spray bottle, and use the bleach on your toilet, tub, shower, tile counters and floors, and even on your kitchen wastebasket. This is cheap and quick. Spray it on, let it sit for 20 minutes, and then wipe it off. Simple, clean, and cheap.

So, now we can discuss the mustard. Is it for when you get hungry while you’re cleaning? Actually, it’s for when you wash your dishes. You can get any built-up grime and grease off of the bottom of your non-stick or cooper cooking ware by simply spreading mustard across the area in need of cleaning, and let it sit for half an hour.

Then, you simply and gently wash the mustard off and wash as usual. The shine you get will be incredible and will look as if you spent hours scrubbing with an expensive cleaner.

Baking soda is a very good secret cleaning solution. If you want the shiniest stove and burner covers, the freshest smelling refrigerator, and the shiniest kitchen sink, use baking soda. For the stove and burner covers, simply shake on, and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Then, use a sponge and wipe clean. You will be amazed at how effective and cheap this is.

It is also painless and fast. No need to scrub for hours with an expensive brand name cleaner. Also, for the fridge, just tear the top half off, squeeze a small amount of lemon or orange juice into the box (fresh is better and cheaper than bottle) and place in fridge. Replace every two weeks. You will love this! Baking soda is not just for cooking anymore.

Vinegar is a very effective degreaser. This item is best used to clean your floors, (dilute 1/4 with water for no-wax and wood) and windows. The glass will be clean, clear and no streaks. This method is fast, with an inexpensive spray bottle, you spray the floors, let sit for 15 minutes, and then use a mop and warm water to clean over it. This is very effective and you will love the results. To give the room a better smell, you can also squeeze a small amount of lemon or orange with the vinegar to give it a pleasant scent.

The cheap baby wipes are really self-explanatory if you think about it. More effective and faster than paper towels (and sometimes cheaper), and less hassle than cloth towels (after the cleanup, you have to clean the towels) and they are reliable and fast,

fast, fast! I’ve been talking about and using wipes to clean my TV, microwave, kitchen table and breakfast counter, and to dust with for years. If you notice, I must be doing something right, because a lot of the big-name brands have their own “cleaning wipes” on the market now, for $4 or $5, when you can still get the others for $1, $2 or $3.

Dish soap is necessary because you need effective anti-bacterial cleaner for all dishes. However, if you want to get more for your money, you can also use dish soap to get rid of your toilet’s “ring”. Squeeze a small amount of dish soap into the toilet, and let it sit for 5 or 10 minutes.

After that you just run the brush lightly across the bowl, and you are done. This will usually remove all hard water and rust stains. Some may require direct application of the detergent onto the stain.

You can save money, have more time, and also have a cleaner home with a little knowledge on the subject.