How to clean wood furniture

clean wood furniture

I’m not a big believer in many of the cleaning products on today’s market but there is one that does everything it promises and more:

Murphy’s Oil Soap. This seemingly magical product has never disappointed me and is the easiest cleaner to use that I have ever discovered.

Over the years, wood furniture may appear clean because of all the polishes and oils used on it but your furniture is actually as dirty as any other household item. And probably dirtier because who thinks to clean it? Most people simply cover the dirt that is on furniture without actually cleaning it. But the grime is there, believe me.

When cleaning house, most people focus on shiny surfaces, the surfaces that show the most dirt. Take mirrors, for instance: the dirt and smudge marks are easy to see and the mirror sparkles again whenever you clean it. But with furniture, most people rely on polish or oils and, while these will make your furniture shine, only Murphy’s Oil Soap will actually clean your wood furniture.

The finish on wood furniture is deceiving. Most of my fine furniture has a finish that over the years has begun to slowly wear away. Furniture oils and polishes will make the furniture appear spotless but those products also cause build-up.

Murphy’s Oil Soap is a natural cleaner that goes deep within the crevices of wood to remove all the dirt and this wonder cleaner has been on the market for over 90 years! Naturally gentle, it will not aggravate your skin or mar you’re fine furniture. It can also be used full strength for tough jobs or diluted with water for easier cleaning jobs. Safe for all wood finishes, once you try Murphy’s Oil Soap for the first time, you’ll see that you’ll never need another wood cleaning product besides this miracle cleaner.


Murphy’s Oil Soap is not only good for fine wood furniture but will clean the dirt and grime off any item in your home. And the scent of Murphy’s is not cloying; it’s clean and fresh and I have never known anyone to have any kind of allergic reaction to it. It may also be used on no-wax floors, ceramic tile, painted surfaces, wallpaper, cars, leather, vinyl, and even on your laundry stains. I’m sure that when you try it, you’ll come up with even more cleaning uses for it.

For example, I have a friend who had not cleaned the walls of her kitchen for almost twenty years. The kitchen wallpaper was a light floral design when she hung it but over the years it had slowly darkened without her even noticing it. I suggested we try some Murphy’s Oil Soap on it and, to her amazement, the wallpaper lightened back to its original color! It was truly like magic.

20 years of grease and grime was stripped away and we used Murphy’s Oil Soap almost full strength without any damage to the old wallpaper. Of course, we tested a small patch first to be sure her paper was colorfast. Then, we even left a small patch uncleaned for a couple of hours until her husband returned home from work to witness the “new” wallpaper. He was stunned and my friend is now a loyal user of Murphy’s.

Another example is a book I once purchased as a gift. A price tag was affixed to the back of the dust jacket and was stubborn to come off. It was that thick adhesive so I chanced a dab of full-strength Murphy’s Oil Soap on it, lightly wiping the tag with a slightly moist paper towel and PRESTO! Murphy’s not only removed the tag but did not damage the dust jacket in the least.

So, for cleaning all the wood in your home plus making almost every other surface sparkle and shine, please try Murphy’s Oil Soap for the freshest and easiest of home cleaning products. I don’t think you’ll ever need or want another cleaning product.

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