How to clean up a baby’s high chair

How to clean up a baby's high chair

Feeding your growing child in a high chair, or feeding seat, is a great way to reduce the risk of spills and train your little one in table etiquette. But the high chair, like any piece of furniture, needs to be kept clean and sanitized on a routine basis. Naturally you’ll want to wipe it clean after each use. But don’t forget to schedule a detailed cleaning every few weeks.

Start by removing any loose objects. These might include a lost feeding spoon, pacifier, bib, or other things that often supplement a child’s feeding. Then remove any detachable padding or sections, like the tray, seat belt, and seating pads. Set the high chair on newspaper to catch soapy drips or falling crumbs. You may want to perform this chore in the kitchen or bathroom.

Fill a bucket with warm, mildly soapy water. Have a second bucket of clear warm water available for rinsing, or wash the chair near a faucet with running water. Use detergent that is intended for baby products and furniture, like Dreft or Dove. (Ask your grocer if you’re not sure which soap to buy.) Get a clean washcloth and slip into gloves to protect your hands.

Start by vacuuming the chair to remove loose crumbs or bits of debris. Then begin by washing the general framework of the chair. At the top, wipe off the back and front, the seat, both arms, and then the legs on all sides. You may have to rinse your washcloth a time or two to remove dust or dirt before moving on to the next section.

Use a cotton swab or edge of the washcloth to clean grooves, nooks, or corners of the chair. Scrub dried food or spills to loosen and remove them. Wipe underneath the seat to get rid of dust or liquid spills that settled there. Visually inspect the chair for spots you have overlooked. Wipe off the soapy residue with clean, clear water.

Then tackle the padding and seat belts. Use fresh soapy water to wipe each piece clean on all sides. Lay these on the counter or on the newspaper that is under the chair. If the cushions can be laundered, run them through the washer separately, using hot water for the wash cycle to disinfect them. Check the seat belt buckle or fastener to make sure it still works properly.

Examine the entire belt for stretching, tearing, and possible breakage to prevent an accident while your child wears it. Make sure the cushions don’t leak foam that a child can pick at and put into his or her mouth, posing a possible choking hazard.

Allow all pieces to air dry for at least thirty to sixty minutes. Or rub them free of moisture with an old, clean towel. Reassemble all the pieces and make sure they fit properly to prevent future injuries. Clean the floor where the chair will sit and place the chair where it belongs. Now you are ready for baby’s next meal!

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