How to clean the barbecue grill

clean the barbecue grill

Despite the advent of microwave ovens a few decades ago, there are still many kinds of grills in our lives, such as gas grills, stainless steel grills, aluminum grills, and kettle grills. Cleaning grills like these are important if you plan to cook on them occasionally. Here are a few basic steps to help you get this job done.

If your grill is not aluminum and made out of steel or is steel plated, you can use oven cleaner for basic cleaning. Turn off the grill and the gas or propane and wait for the unit to cool down completely. Then remove the grill section from the rest of the unit.

Spray it on both sides and put it in a plastic bag, sealing it overnight. If you can find a container big enough, you also can soak it in a degreaser or a heavy-duty cleaner for several hours, and the dirt and grease should slide right off. Then rinse and you’re done.

Another way to clean the grill can be done after you finish cooking on it. Take two thick stacks of newspaper and using a hose or a bucket, stack them on the lawn and soak them thoroughly. Then place the grill on the newspapers and saturate it as well. Then put newspapers on top of the grill and tuck the corners in to make it airtight.

After thirty minutes the hot grill will steam off the baked-on ash. Wash your grill with dishwashing detergent and rinse it completely. For future use, keep a wire brush nearby if you are cooking for many people. That way you can brush off some of the food that got baked on so it won’t build up over time and pose a more challenging cleaning problem.

A kettle grill can be cleaned with oven cleaner or a degreaser, but make sure you don’t get any of the oven cleaners on a painted surface or on anything made of aluminum. The outside of many grills can be cleaned with glass cleaner. Wait until the unit cools before attempting to wipe up spills, spots, or stains.

When cleaning a gas grill, make sure you don’t use the oven cleaner on any barbecue parts. To clean lava rocks, take them out of the grill and place them in boiling water mixed with dish detergent solution. For difficult spots or charred debris, use a wire brush. The burners clean up fairly well when you use hot detergent water on them after the grill cools down.

Clean the burner holes with a small wire or paper clip. To clean the grill, apply the hot detergent solution with a wire brush, but first put tape over all the gas fittings and any gas openings. Then take a sponge and wipe out this section. Finally, rinse it off.

To stop flare-ups when you are done cooking, close the lid and turn the gas up all the way for five minutes. This will burn away any grease spots. Before attempting any of these tasks, always read your manual first to be safe. Or check at the dealership where you purchased the grill.

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