How to clean and restore canvas tennis shoes

How to clean and restore canvas tennis shoes

If your white canvas tennis shoes are looking a little dingy and washing them in the machine is simply not going to do the trick, use white shoe polish to make them look brand, spanking new. If you want to add a little more pizzazz to update your shoes and are not afraid to let your imagination run wild, the following ideas may be a great way to breathe new life into your children’s’ or your own worn tennis shoes.

Careful though. This activity may be so popular with your children, you might be tempted to purchase more tennis shoes to serve as canvasses for their creativity, as well as your own.

For a unique fashion statement, let the children use an assortment of non-toxic markers to create their own tennis shoe designs. Spread out some newspapers on the table or set up a work station outdoors and let them draw swirls, stripes, triangles, dots, stars or whatever they fancy on their old tennis shoes. Top off the look with colorful shoelaces.

Use a light pencil and draw squares on a pair of white tennis shoes. Next, color or paint every other square with non-toxic craft paint or markers to create a funky, checkerboard design. Another option is to go psychedelic. Take a clean sponge and cut it up into wedges.

Then layout a palate of paint in an assortment of colors. Allow the children to dip away and sponge on any hue that comes to mind. After they have finished their shoes, bring out a few white t-shirts and let them do the same for a perfect shoe and shirt set.

For creative ways to extend the life of your little ones’ tennis shoes, try these simple ideas. To create a designer look, purchase a stenciling kit and add a soft flower, butterfly, or masculine themed patterns, such as boats, cars, or trucks to your toddler’s tennis shoes. For spring, dye your toddler’s tennis shoes with pastel colors.

Similar design concepts are hard to find and pretty expensive once you locate them in children’s’ specialty stores.

The next time you are perplexed about what to do with tennis shoes that are in desperate need of resuscitation, give shoe designing a try. It’s a fun, inexpensive activity that will keep both your family and your budget in step.

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