How to Clean a Mirror

Clean a Mirror

Clean mirrors can add great beauty to any home. They come in all shapes and sizes, some mirrors have frames and others don’t. Keeping the mirrors in your home clean can take some discipline. Where the mirror is located will determine how often it will need to be cleaned.

Bathroom mirrors get the most on them and require a lot of maintenance. They often have splatters of toothpaste, smudges of make-up or just spots from splashes of water. It is best to clean the mirror with a commercial window cleaner. Some cleaners even have an agent in them that helps keep off the moisture that develops from the shower. Cleaning with a paper towel often leaves behind pieces of lint, it’s always best to use a soft cloth to wipe the mirror.

Bathroom mirrors usually need to be washed once to remove the toothpaste, soap, or whatever. Then, washed a second time to get the glass streak-free. If the mirror has no frame it’s easy to just use a side to side motion to get it clean. Just take the cloth off the edge of the glass every time you go across. Mirrors with a frame need to have the cloth followed around the inside edge of the frame in a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation to remove any dust that might have gathered on the inside edge while wiping back and forth.

Use a liberal amount of window cleaner for the first washing and then a light amount when you go back over it the second time. A glance at the mirror from an angled position to see if you missed anything. It’s surprising what you might find once you’ve changed position.

Mirrors that are hung in rooms with electronic equipment in them gather a lot of dust. It can be difficult to keep dust off of a mirror. The more light that is in the room the more the dust is visible. Using a static cloth is the best way to keep the dust down. Use the cloth often and just wash the mirror with window cleaner weekly. If the mirror is large, try cleaning it with an up and down motion along with wiping it side to side. A box of tissues in the room will cause the mirror to be dusty also. Just remember that frequent maintenance will keep the dust down.

A mirror in the kitchen is quite common, especially in country style homes. This can present quite a challenge when cleaning. The grease in the air from cooking will stick to that mirror like a magnet. When it’s washed the greases just smears. Again, this calls for repeated washings with lots of window cleaner. Sometimes a vinegar and water solution works better to cut the grease. The more often the kitchen mirror is cleaned the better.

On occasion a mirror might get something on it that can’t be removed with a window cleaner. Sometimes paint or an adhesive from a sticker might need to be removed. Using a singled edged razor blade is the best way to remove these items. Once you’ve scraped the substance off completely, go ahead and wash the mirror with window cleaner.

Whether the house has many mirrors or few, keeping them clean will add light and beauty to any room.
Mirrors, like dishes should appear spotless. Simple cleaning tips make the chore an easy one.

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