How to Clean a Mirror

Clean a Mirror

There is a mirror in every home and even more than one. It requires special care: regular washing, preferably using various formulations. And not always the result of painstaking cleaning will please the hostess, often on a clean surface, there are sloppy smudges that reduce the reflectivity of the mirror cloth. Therefore, it is important to clean properly.

How to clean a mirror at home: recipes. How to wash a mirror to a perfect shine without streaks with folk remedies and products from the store? 

Causes of mirror contamination.Methods of its purification.

There are more and more mirror surfaces in the home interior. This means that the time for cleaning, cleaning them, and putting a shine on the hostess increases.

Manufacturers of household chemicals offer a huge range of products that specialize in cleaning mirror surfaces. Plus, folk methods that have been tested for more than one generation suggest their own recipes.

Let’s take a closer look at the causes of mirror contamination and how to eliminate them.

Why are there streaks on the mirror after wiping?

There are several reasons for this:

  • poor quality of the product you are using
  • mistake in choosing a cloth for wiping
  • no pre-cleaning step
  • poor removal of dirt from the previous time
  • wash off not with clean water, but with soap or other impurities
  • often wetting the surface and poor quality wiping it

How and how to wash a mirror without streaks at home: recipes

Depending on the nature and nature of mirror contamination, use the following recipes::

  • half of the bulb, which is used to treat the surface after the” gatherings ” of flies,
  • alcohol in half with water and ammonia do a good job of removing traces of hairspray,
  • vodka, cologne, pure alcohol remove greasy spots,
  • water with chalk and vinegar in the consistency of liquid porridge cope with water stains and others of unknown origin.

Finish cleaning the mirror by rubbing it dry with either crumpled newspapers or a microfiber cloth.

How to wash a mirror to a perfect shine without streaks with folk remedies: recipe

To make your mirror shine clean and shiny, use the following recipes from improvised means:

  • Milk.
    Soak it in a lint-free cloth and run it over the surface of the mirror.
  • Ammonia.
    Combine 0.5 tablespoons of it with half a cup of water. Spray on the mirror from a spray bottle, remove the remaining liquid after rubbing with a microfiber cloth.
  • Green tea with salt.
    Mix half a glass of strong drink with salt dissolved in water. Treat the mirror, then wipe it dry.
  • Raw potatoes.
    Cut the tuber in half and rub the mirror with the wet part. Remove the streaks with chilled boiled water, rub with a lint-free cloth until shiny.

How to clean a mirror without streaks with products from the store?

You need:

  • soft sponge or lint-free cloth
  • clean water
  • a soap component, such as dish detergent or shampoo
  • liquid for adding shine from the store or from our own production
  • a microfiber cloth or a couple of old newspapers

Getting started:

  • moisten the sponge and add a couple of drops of soap component
  • go through the entire area of the mirror, thoroughly wash each part of it
  • rinse out the sponge/cloth
  • remove any remaining dirt and soap.
  • change the water to clean water more often to avoid streaks on the mirror after it dries.
  • spray a store-bought product or a self-made solution for shine
  • use a soft cloth, or preferably a microfiber cloth, to make circular movements on the transparent area

If no streaks form, leave the mirror to dry.

Secure the brilliant result by rubbing it with a newspaper or paper towel.

What kind of stain-free mirror cloth is this?

Housewives on forums and in personal conversations praise different rags, which have a wonderful ability not to leave streaks on the windows. This:

  • microfiber cloth
  • a piece of fleece
  • wool cut
  • cotton cloth
  • nylon flap

How to properly clean an old mirror?

  • In this case, first check the condition of the reverse side of the amalgam mirror. If there are traces of mold, treat it with a solution of turpentine and melted wax, taken in a ratio of 2/2 to 1/3.
  • Wash the mirror surface thoroughly with a soap solution and a soft sponge.
  • To enhance the cleaning effect, after washing off the foam residue with water, apply a mixture of chalk and ammonia to the mirror. Take them in an equal 1: 1 ratio.
  • Use a soft cloth to remove any remaining paste.
  • Then either spray the product from the store, or you have prepared one of the recipes presented in the sections above.
  • Use a special cloth to rub the liquid until it is completely dry.
  • Rub the mirror until it shines with a crumpled newspaper or microfiber cloth.

So, we looked at the causes of dirt and stains on mirrors in the house, recipes for homemade products that eliminate them.

Removing children’s pranks on the mirror: stickers and markers

If there are small children in the house, be prepared to see stickers or marker marks on the mirror surface. Such pollution is much more difficult to deal with.

Removing stickers

To remove them, use one of the following recipes::

  1. If they are firmly glued to the mirror, you must first attach a damp cloth to them, which was soaked in hot water. After 3-5 minutes, remove the leftovers with a rubberized spatula.
  2. You can try to treat the stickers with hot air. For this purpose, an iron with steam generation or a hair dryer is suitable. After that, the paper should move well away from the surface. If necessary, use a blade, and remove the remains with alcohol.
  3. The ideal option is acetone or nail polish remover. Just apply it on a cotton pad and wipe the sticker for a few minutes.

Removing the marker stripes from the mirror

It is important to know which marker was used by the child:

  • remove the water-based marker strip with a damp cloth;
  • alcohol or vodka will help remove the alcohol-containing marker, they need to moisten a cloth;
  • in difficult cases, you need to apply toothpaste to the stain, rub it in for 1-2 minutes, then remove the composition with a moistened cloth. The paste must not contain abrasive particles;
  • a microfiber cloth will also clean the stain the first time.


Our homemade tricks that will not only speed up the cleaning process but also improve the quality of cleaning will help to maintain the cleanliness and excellent condition of mirror surfaces. Mirrors will be given a second youth: they will shine as if they were purchased. In addition, it will significantly save family finances.

Apply our tips in practice, and cleaning mirrors will be much faster and more efficient. What methods do you use other than those described above? Share your secrets with our readers in the comments section.

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