How to clean a computer keyboard and mouse

How to clean a computer keyboard and mouse

The amount of use a computer gets and its exposure to household elements contributes to the keyboard and mouse collecting some debris. This can range anywhere from normal household dust to spilled food or drink. Many people are not aware that a computer keyboard and mouse can be cleaned at home and that cleaning them regularly will help prolong their life.

To clean the computer keyboard, you must first shut down the computer and disconnect the keyboard from the computer. This will avoid electrical shock to you and damage to your system. First, you should shake the keyboard upside down to evict any loose debris from between the keys. You can then use a can of compressed air to help blow some of the debris loose.

To clean the surface of the keys and the outer casing of the keyboard, you should use either Endust for electronics or some other aerosol cleaning solution. Spray the cleaner directly onto the rag and not on the keyboard. Wipe the keyboard lightly until it is clean to your satisfaction. Allow this to dry before reconnecting the keyboard to the computer.

If there has been liquid spilled on the keyboard, it may be necessary to clean underneath the keys. Under no circumstances should you take the keyboard apart to clean inside of it. This will cause damage to the components and the keyboard may not work again. Instead, gently pop off the keys and use a q-tip dipped in alcohol to clean underneath. Leave the key covers off until it is dry or the alcohol may cause them to stick. Make sure you place the keys back in their correct location.

Cleaning a mouse is also very important. There are two types of computer mice and each one needs to be cleaned differently. For the optical mouse, you simply need to wipe the sensor with a soft cloth. This will allow the sensor to detect the grid. For a mechanical mouse, you must take it apart. First, you must unplug it from the computer.

Turn it over and remove the ball. While the ball is removed, use a q-tip and alcohol to clean off the wheels and other small areas inside the mouse. Once that is allowed to dry, you can replace the ball and the mouse is ready for use again. Making sure that the mouse pad is clean is also important. A dirty mouse pad will make the mouse get dirty so much faster.

How do you know when it is time to clean these components? It is recommended that you clean them at least twice a year, but if they get particularly dirty, then you can clean them more frequently. Sometimes, when the keyboard and mouse begin to lag, this means that they need to be cleaned, especially the mouse. The keyboard does not always show signs of being dirty, but the mouse usually will.

Most people are unaware that a keyboard and mouse even need to be cleaned. These people are highly likely to experience problems with their computers that are related to these items being too dirty. Cleaning both the keyboard and mouse at regular intervals will help avoid these problems in the future.

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